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Unhook the car battery.

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Q: How do you reset radio in 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo?
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Is there a reset button on a 2005 Chevy Monte Carlo for the fuel pump?


How do you reset the check engine light in a 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo?

unhook a battery cable for about 3 minutes and re-hook.

Where is the Electric Fuel Pump Inertia switch on a 99 Chevy Monte Carlo?

GM vehicles do not use inertia/reset switches.

How do you reset clock radio Chevy hhr?

How do you reset clock radio in Chevy HHR

Do you need to reset anything after you install a new battery in your 2003 Monte Carlo?

Radio and computer will have to re-learn. But usually there isn't a problem.

How do you reset the security light on your 2002 Monte Carlo?

How do you reset the alarm on 2000 Monte Carlo SS?

you eat 25 corndogs ! :]

Where is the fuel reset switch located on a 1997 Chevrolet Monte Carlo?

General Motors cars do not have a reset switch.

How do you reset ignition serurity on a 1999 z34?

how do I set reset ignition security on a 1999 z34 monte carlo

What do you do if the low tire pressure reset option does not appear on the radio menu of a 2002 Monte Carlo?

I too would like to know the answer as my 2001 Chevy Impala done the same thing. Tire pressure monitor will not reset through the radio menu. ____ My 02 was doing the same thing. No option in the radio menu. I ended up having to disco the battery for a few seconds to reset the memory. Worked like a charm!

Where is the fuel pump reset switch on a 1998 Chevrolet Monte Carlo?

No such thing on this car.

Monte Carlo ignition won't turn steering wheel not locked?


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