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remove the neg (-)battery pole and plug in back in about 5-10 minutes

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โˆ™ 2006-03-09 20:18:13
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Q: How do you reset the ECM on 1991 3.1L Cutlass after the battery dies?
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Viper Car Alarms 5002 how do you reset after remote battery dies?

Viper car alarms 5002 how do you reset after remote battery dies?

What do you do if your tamagotchi dies?

If your Tamagotchi dies you must reset him by using a pen tip to press the little reset button on the back (it's near the battery pack).

How do you reset a 2004 Pontiac aztek after the battery dies?

The only thing you need to reset is the clock and radio station presets.

If I drain my iPad battery does Safari's history reset?

If your iPad dies, your history will not be reset. Simply charge your iPad and it should be fine. Do not mess around with the iPad and reset settings or delete history, because this will actually reset all the history.

Why would my Pontiac Firebird 1991 wont start after a few try my battery dies out?

you need a new alternator.

What should i do if my tamagotchi hasn't hatched yet?

You should maybe reset if it dosent work then if you have a tamagotchi but you reset it press download and wait til it dies if none works then take out the battery and put back in if not then your out of luck

Why won't a 1991 Ford Tempo battery hold charge?

put a dwell tester on it and possibly add water to it by prying off the top small compartment and add it there . then if the battery isn't the problem disconnect the positive battery terminal from the battery and if the car dies it is your alternator

What do you do when a battery dies?

Buy a new battery or call someone to jump your battery

Is there something electric computer or other that has to be reset when a battery is replaced or dies on a 95 Sebring LXI?

If every thing is working leave it alone Mine stuck in defrost battery died and messed up the computer. Disconnect battery for 5 or more min. If you have this problem

My phone battery dies in one day.?

buy a new battery.

Why does your 1991 Honda civic lx crank over and starts for a few seconds and dies out could it be fuel filter or battery?

It was a worn out ignition switch on my 91 Civic

Will hazzards work on your car if your battery dies?

The hazard lights get their power from the battery so if the battery is dead they will not work.

Gauges eratic then car dies?

battery cables not making good contact with battery

Why do you not get 14 volts when running but the battery never dies?

Your putting a charge on the battery when its running.

What happens if your tamagotchi v3 dies?

if you have a reset button press it

What does it mean when the battery light comes on in a 1991 Honda Accord?

Not a good sign, This could mean that your charging system (alternator) isn't doing its job. If you have problems starting the car due to not enough battery power, then check your battery to see if it is holding the charge. If after a while that you had to boost or jumpstart your battery your car gradually dies then check your alternator to see if it is putting out charge to the battery.

Battery dies and then you have to recharge it?

Only if you want to use it.

How long will a 3000mah battery last?

till it dies

1998 Chevrolet Malibu How to remove the dash instrument panel to reset the fuel needle to the correct side of the stopper peg and what tools needed?

You can use a paperclip to flip it back over the peg by sticking it through the mileage reset button hole and flipping it back the other way. i have done it everytime my battery dies. no need to tear the dash apart. You can use a paperclip to flip it back over the peg by sticking it through the mileage reset button hole and flipping it back the other way. i have done it everytime my battery dies. no need to tear the dash apart.

How come your battery dies when you use your headlights?

because the battery is the source of the power for the headlights. there could be an issue with the battery or the alternator can be failing.

What happens when your CMOS battery dies?

The primary thing that happens when your CMOS battery dies is that the BIOS settings return to default. The time also resets which can cause problems with software.

What happens when the battery dies in a pacemaker?

When a new battery is required, the unit can be exchanged in a simple outpatient procedure.

What happens if your alternator dies?

The vehicle would run on battery power until the battery runs out of power.

Why cant you restart a Corvette once the battery dies?

The answer is obvious. The battery is dead and will not turn the engine over.

What do you do if your car battery dies?

You can get a new battery, you can jump start the car with jumper cables and another car with a charged battery. You can also put a battery charger on your battery to give it a charge.