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How do you reset the abs on a 2002 f 350 power stroke?

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if abs light is on and problem has been fixed, there is a switch on chassis rail under truck about level with front of door. this switch needs to be bled for the abs light to go off, u need a shop manuel to read to tell you the proper sequence to bleed , from memory , this switch needs to be bled before rest of system AFRTER FIX NORMALY DRIVING THE TRUCK A LITTLE WAYS WILL TURN OFF THE LIGHT IF NOT OFF THERE MAY BE MORE THAN ONE PORBLEM THE ABS SENSOR IN THE REAR AXLE HAD SOME WIRING PROBLMES AT THE CONNECTOR. A SCAN TOOL WILL HELP TO LET YOU KNOW WHAT CODE IT HAS AND WHERE THE PROBLEM MAY BE.

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What is the bolt pattern for a 2002 7.3 power stroke ford F-350?

which pattern

Is a 1993 Polaris 350 a 4 stroke or a 2 stroke?

A 1993 ploaris 350 is a two stroke/

How much horse power does a 2006 Ford F-250 power stroke diesel have?

350 to450

Will the transmission in a 1997 f-250 7.3 power stroke fit in a 2000 f-350 7.3 power stroke?

check the harness from the tranny first.

Where is the reset switch on a 1993 Ford F-350?

to reset what?

What is the weight of a Ford F-350?

8500 lb or greater 97 F350 Power Stroke Diesel Crew Cab = 9800 lb

What is the Bore and Stroke of 350 Chevy Engine?

The Bore of a 350 cid engine is 4.00, the stroke is 3.48 inch..

Is a 2004 Yamaha Warrior 350 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

4 stroke

How do you reset A service indicator 2006 CLK 350?

How do I reset the Service A/B on a CLK 350

Which is better for racing raptor 250 or 350?

well both are Yamaha but the 250 has a smaller frame and chassis the 350 has more power and a bigger frame and a 6 speed bigger the engine is most the time better for racing and a 2-stroke 250 would be better then a 4 stroke 350

What is the stroke of a 350 Chevy?


Where can you find used ford f 350- parts?

I have a used 7.3 diesel power stroke engine what do you want?

What is the bore and stroke for a 1986 Chevy 350?

4.00 bore 3.48 stroke

How wide is the 2002 Ford F-350-Super-DUTY?

The 2002 Ford F-350-Super-DUTY is 6 ft. 7.9 in. (79.9 in.)12V front power outlet(s) wide.

Do you mix oil into the gas of a Polaris Trail Boss 350 4-stroke?

No, you don't mix oil into the gas of a Polaris Trail Boss 350 4-stroke. It is a 4-stroke engine, and you do notmix oil with the gas.

What is the stroke on a 350 Chevy?

3.480 inches

What is the stroke on a Chevy 350 crankshaft?


Is the stroke on a 305crank shorter than a 350crank?

305 and 350 share the same stroke.

Is a 2003 Yamaha warrior 350 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

its a 4 stroke they have always been 4 strokes

350 Yamaha Warrior has how many strokes?

The Yamaha Warrior 350 is a 4 stroke.

How do you reset brake wear light on Mercedes ML 350?

Reset b rake pads sensor ml 350 benz

Where is the starter on a 1999 F-350 Power Stroke?

starter motor is on the passenger side at rear of engine where the engine and bellhousing join

What kind of transmission fluid goes in a 99 Ford F-350 power-stroke 7.3 automatic?

Mercon 3

What is the difference between a Chevy 350 and a Chevy 400?

The bore and stroke is different, But if you set the 2 side by side they will look the same other then some 400 engines have an extra freeze out plug in the side of the block that the 350 don't have. 350 bore and stroke is 4.000 bore,stroke is 3.480 400 bore is 4.125 and stroke is 3.750

350 vs 454 difference?

the 454 has way more power it can out run a viper and a corvette any time and day it has over 500 horses stock and is known for torque due to the longer effective stroke, the350 it also has power but the numbers say the difference the 350 has like 350horses but the 350 is known for its max number of RPMs cause it has a shorter stroke, so it will allow for a faster response time you do the math

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