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Lincoln Mark VII Safety Air Bags need to be serviced by a professinal. Do NOT take chances with this. In the trunk left side ahead of the spare tire make sure the switch is turned on if it is and light is on you have an issue with one or more of the airsprings.

ha ha ha there you go again with the air springs! well i agree, if you are talking about air bag as in in the steering wheel etc, sure have it looked at by a pro, if your talking about air springs, and air ride issues, don't nessicarily listen to this guy, keep researching and you will figure out your air ride problem, any questions ask me,

If you have an "Airbag" light on on the instrument cluster where the speed o is it needs to be scanned by a pro... It probably was at one time in an accident and the bag deployed, they replaced the bag and didn't have it reset by a pro... It takes a special computer to do this and they usually charge a lot of money... I remember my days working in a body shop and we usually had to have this guy come out if the light stayed on he would charge us $60 and I'm pretty sure the ins co would pay us about $75? Now if it is the "Check Air Ride Suspension" light on the overhead cons it needs to be scanned also to see where to look for problems?

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Q: How do you reset the air bag light on a 1990 Lincoln Mark VII?
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Lincoln Mark VII Safety Air Bags need to be serviced by a professional. Do NOT take chances with this.

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