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I have a 1993 Prizm, and it's likely the same. You need the 4-digit pin code that someone set up. Perhaps they wrote it in the owners manual of the car -- on the page that tells you how to reset the anti-theft device. But I suppose that if you HAD the owner's manual you wouldn't be asking the question. If you do have the 4 digit code, you use the two horizontal rocker switches at the bottom of the radio (I think they are "seek" and "tune"). As you push each switch in each direction you will see that they set the 4-number pin code. If you don't have a pin code, maybe you could track down some override through Delco or whoever manufactured the radio. Good luck! -- Mark

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Is there a CD burner or writer on a dell optiplex gx520?

No, by default GX520 comes with a built-in device which is CD player and burner + DVD player.

Each device attached to your computer comes with a special program called?

device driver

Each device attached to your computer comes with a special program called a?

device driver

What is a monitor used for?

its a output device that comes out from your hardware

When you lock your 2009 Honda Fit Sport the antitheft light comes on. Is it supposed to stay on blinking until you unlock the car?

Yes, blinking means the alarm system is armed and working.

If a beep sound comes then which device of the PC has problem?


Is a CPU an output or an input device?

The central processing unit would be described as a throughput, rather than an input or output device. It is the device which data is put into, and which data comes out of. The keyboard is an input device and the screen is an output device.

Is modem an input and output device?

A modem is both an input and an output device.The name modem comes from Modulator Demodulator.

Are head phones an input device?

Output as sound goes out from computer. An input device is a microphone where sound comes in to computer.

Which device is not a mobile computing device?

Any device which is too heavy, large, or fragile to carry around with you. Personal Computers (PC's) are the best example that comes to mind.

How do you get Internet on the Nintendo DSi when it comes out?

Yes it comes in with a built in Browser and has it's own mike.

Does it come with a built-in webcam?

Yes, the MacBook comes with a built in webcam on the top of the computer screen.

Is a power button a input device?

A input device is when you put something into the computer. A output device is when something from a computer comes out, either a hard or soft copy. So, I think it would be a input device, because you are putting a direction to turn on!

Can you have a separate car remote for a vehicle that comes with a key with built in remote?

Yes, you can have a separate car remote for a vehicle that comes with a key that has a built-in remote. You will need to order the new remote from the dealership.

What communication device is the most widely used in microcomputer systems?

Mobile phone is the most wide used device. After that Calculator and then comes in laptop and PC.

Is there a banjo that comes with a built in pickup?

A Banjo does have a built in pickups. The pickups can be built into the frets and the body of the banjo. A pickup is used to plug the banjo into a system to amplified the sound.

Can you webcam on iMac computers with qq?

The iMac comes with a built in webcam.

what comes with the iPhone 4?

the standard things that are built into it but no games come with it

Is the Prizm really the same as a Toyota Corolla?

The Prizm is a clone of the Toyota Corolla with minor styling and equipment differences; but despite its close kinship, the Prizm has never been as successful as its Japanese cousin. Since 1985 with the Chevy Nova and Corolla FX16, both cars have been built at New United Motors Manufacturing Inc. (NUMMI) in Fremont, CA. Toyota shares the plant with General Motors, however Toyota manages it. When Toyota switched to the new version of the Corolla, Chevrolet dropped the Prizm. Taking its place on the production line was the Pontiac Vibe, built off the new Corolla/Matrix platform. Exterior Available only as a four-door sedan, the front-drive Prizm is 174 inches long, about an inch shorter than the Honda Civic sedan and 7 inches shorter than the Chevrolet Cavalier. Interior The Prizm comes in base and more-expensive LSi price levels. Air conditioning is standard on both, but the LSi has several other standard features, including power windows and locks, cruise control, a rear window defogger, tachometer and tilt steering column. Both models seat five, but only the LSi comes with a 60/40 split folding rear seat. Chevy lists trunk capacity as 12.1 cubic feet without the rear seat folded. Under the Hood The Prizm used the same 125-horsepower 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine as the Corolla. A five-speed manual transmission is standard, and three- and four-speed automatic transmissions are optional. Side-impact airbags for the front seats and antilock brakes are optional. Driving Impressions Because it is a Corolla in disguise, the Prizm offers the same quality, reliability and smooth, refined performance. But because the Prizm wasn't as popular as the Corolla, new or used, it has a lower resale value.

What comes after prism on cookie clicker?

There is no update yet that installs a new device after the prism

What do you do if your PC does not reconise a device in one of your usb ports?

go on line and find the device software. there usually is a little writing box that comes up click on where it is coming from and click on that device and put install driver

Are the cellphone bettery chargers for betteries outside of the phone?

There are chargers that can be charged in a portable device that is plugged into the wall. This device comes in handy when you forget your car charger.

Is the DSi shop built in?

The DSi store comes already installed on the console.

Does a iMac 21.5 inch have a camera?

Yes, it comes with a built in iSight camera.

What living room furniture comes with built in cupholders?

There are several sectional models that come with built in cup holder as well as coffee tables.