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The computer can be reset using an OBD-II code reader/diag unit. If the light returns then the code must be read to determine the real problem. Run1 When the battery has been disconnected or replaced, it clears the on board computer of all errors and all data. The inspection station uses data from the OBDII computer to check if the car is within compliance, so when the battery was replaced all the data was cleared. You will need to drive the car roughly 50 to 100 miles so the computer can read all the sensors on the car to see if they are in good working condition or give you another "Check Engine Light".

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Q: How do you reset the computer chip for a 2000 cougar after changing the car battery to get the car to pass inspection?
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How do you reset computer on a 1989 Mercury Cougar?

Disconnect the vehicles battery. Leave it unhooked for several hours. Reconnect the battery. This should reset the 1989 cougars computer.

How do you set the timing marks on a 1995 Mercury Cougar 4.6L?

timing is computer controlled there is no way to advance or retard the timing without changing the chip in the computer

How do you change a fan switch on a 2000 Mercury Cougar?

How do i find the instructions for changing out the fan switch assembly in a 2001 Mercury Cougar?

Why wont my 2000 cougar start has new battery new starter but acts like battery dead?

check the cables

Where do you place the negative end from battery terminal to a 1999 Mercury Cougar at?

It's grounded on the front of the Mercury Cougar frame next to the headlight assembly.

Where is the fusible link for the alternator charging system on a 1990 mercury cougar?

I can tell you that on a 2000 mercury cougar it is a fuse on the positive cable between the battery and the alternator

How do you get the digital clock in a 2001 Mercury Cougar zn to go off?

The dash clock in a New Edge Cougar does not turn off, unless you disconnect the battery.

Where is the fuse box on a ford cougar?

On a UK model it is under the bonnet next to the battery.

Where is the computer control module on your 94 Mercury Cougar?

The computer control module for a 94 Mercury Cougar is located behind the glove compartment. This allows it to be accessed easily while protecting it from damage.

You replaced the alternator on my 2000 mercury cougar and the battery light still came on so you replaced the battery and the light is still on now what do you do?

go to a auto parts store like advance auto and have them check your computer to see why it is on. they do this for free. this might give you a idea on why its on. if you havent already.

What would cause the battery to not charge even when the alternator tests good on a 93 Mercury Cougar?

the battery could have a dead cell, this could cause it to not charge. Have the battery tested to be sure.

What is the black box called by the battery under the hood of a 2001 Mercury Cougar?

The ( Power Distribution Box ) is between the battery and the driver side fender .

What size battery for 2000 Mercury Cougar?

According to the 2000 Mercury Cougar Owner Guide : Both the 2.0 litre four cylinder and the 2.5 litre V6 engines came with the Motorcraft BXT-40R battery ( that's BCI group size 40R )

89 Mercury Cougar LS:The battery light on your dashboard display keeps blinking Will you need to replace the battery or the alternator?

This happened to me on a road trip in my 84 Cougar. It was a long time ago, but first make sure your belts are tight! But I believe you may need to replace the alternator. If the battery is old, its cheap insurance to do both.

Where can you get spare battery for cougar 18v cordless drill?

From what I can find, it doesn't look like they sell them anymore.

What is the size of the battery space in a 2000 mercury cougar v6.the dimensions?

The 2000 Mercury Cougar V6 engine takes a ( BCI Group Size 40 R ) battery The battery dimensions are : Length ( 10.90 inches / 277 mm ) Width ( 6.42 inches / 174 mm ) Height ( 6.88 inches / 175 mm )

What size car battery 1996 mercury cougar?

On a 1996 Mercury Cougar , that came with the 4.6 litre V8 engine : It either came with the Motorcraft BXT-65-650 battery or the optional Motorcraft BXT-65-850 battery ( that's BCI group size 65 , 650 or 850 cold cranking amps with the 4.6 , V8 )

How many cold cranking amps does 1997 3.5 merc cougar need?

According to the 1997 Mercury Cougar Owner Guide : The 3.8 litre V6 either has the Motorcraft BXT-58 battery or the optional Motorcraft BXT-65-650 battery ( the optional battery is BCI group size 65 , and 650 cold cranking amps )

What could be the problem in a 2000 Cougar that has 12 volts going to a new replaced fuel pump but the pump won't run?

The computer may not be enabling the fuel pump. If the fuel pump works when connected directly to the battery, it is good. If it won't work when connected to the wiring harness, then the computer might need to be reset. This involves disconnecting the battery for a little while, say, half an hour.

Why won't your 2000 mercury cougar start without jumping it off and the battery is good?

take the terminals off the battery and run a wire brush through them, or sandpaper.

1999 cougar battery light on?

start your car and then disconnect the battery if it dies then it is your alternator that is what i am working on right now but good luck if it is the alt you have to drop the motor cradle

Why is your radio not working after installing a new battery and alternator on your 2000 mercury cougar?

Every time you disconnect a battery cable you have to reprogram the radio stations ( if that's what you are asking )

How to Reset the computer on a 2002 Mercury Cougar?

ECM reset for 2002 merc couger

What else could be wrong other than the alternator or battery on a 2000 mercury cougar?

wires, connecters, terminals

On an 2000 mercury cougar what does the warning lights on the dashboard mean?

I have what looks like a battery light on my dashboard. What does this mean?