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With the help of the technical service manual on CD produced by Nissan on the 2002 and 2003 Maxima I now have located the quick fix for a problem I have had since purchasing my used 2002 SE a few months ago. That is the drivers door window one-touch up function for the window was not working properly. The window would go up to the top and then retreat about 5 inches back down again.

This problem is due to the limit switch needing to be reset which at first I thought would be a considerable job (to take off the door panel etc.) but ended up being literally a 2 minute job as the door panel can remain in place. My dealer wanted $85 CDN for the switch reset which I knew was a rip off before I found the fix procedure myself. I know several '02 and '03 Maxima owners have had this same problem but no-one then appeared to know the fix. Alhough this procedure is simple once you do it, my description seems long as I wanted to be a descriptive as possible since I can't provide pictures. So here it is:

Step 1: Pry the plastic cap up off the bottom centre of the door pull handle and remove the single Philips screw.

Step 2: Remove the whole switch panel (in which the door pull handle sits) by prying it up from the back end either with a flat edged screwdriver or table knife (under cloth) or by hand which is what I did. It is just clipped in so should come out relatively easily sliding it up at the back and then pulling it back.

You can now see the inside of the door from where the switch finishing plate sat. You can leave the wiring all attached and simply hang the switch and handle plastic assembly to one side so you can see the inside of the door.

Look inside towards the front bottom of the door behind the plastic vapour barrier you will see a small black switch. It almost looks like a black pan screw head. This is the reset switch but there is a sequence to now doing the actual reset procedure. The switch doesn't really feel like one when you press it through the plastic liner which incidentally you don't need to cut (at least I didn't have to). It is a switch that is only on when you are pressing it otherwise when released it is off.

STEP 3: Make sure the window is closed (up) completely. Turn the ignition on so the windows are receiving power.

a) Press the reset switch (and keep it pressed in) and open (down) the window completely (manually -NOT with AUTO ONE TOUCH DOWN FUNCTION).

b) Release the reset switch. Then close the window completely (manually only - NOT AUTO UP).

c) The limit switch is now reset.

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Q: How do you reset the power windows and sunroof an a 2002 Nissan Maxima?
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