How do you reset the power windows on a 1999 Jaguar XK8 so they do not go down a half inch everytime you open and close the doors?

Hold the window buttons on the door and fully open the windows, Hold the button for approx 15 secs until you here a bleep. Repeat holding the buttons to close the windows fully and hold for a further 15 secs until the bleep is heard. This should reset the windows

Wrong. There is no beep. Close the doors driver and pass. Engage the windows fully up. Turn ignition to on without starting the engine. Allow 10 secs for computer to reset the windows. Turn ignition off and remove key. Return key and try windows. Same thing happened to me after windows where iced up.

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Neither of previous answers agrees with the manual for my '00 XK8 (unless '99 differs). The manual states:

Ignition on. Drop window fully down, hold extra 5 sec. Raise window fully up, hold button extra 5 sec. Repeat for other window.

Now, if you are losing your programming (windows, memory seats, etc.), forums agree that this is an early sign of failing battery. Drops voltage when starting engine and thus loses settings.

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"If everything else fails, read the manual."

Some people like me have lost their manual (following a theft)! Manuals are now out of print for my model.

The above (hold-down for 5 seconds) works for my 2000 XKR. In fact you only need to hold the window operation button down for about 2-3 seconds until you hear a slight muffled click, at which point you can release the button. Im sure XKRs and XK8s will be the same.

When your battery dies completely you need to know this. In such a circumstance it is also useful to know that you can get inside the boot (trunk) manually via a keyhole in between the K and R letters on the XKR logo on the back panel of your car. I presume it also works between the K letter and 8 digit on the XK8. Even the Automobile Association car rescue man did not know that and had to inject some power by power-boosting under the bonnet to get access to the boot and thereby the battery. An XKR owning friend later told me how I could have avoided that call-out!

Jaguar experts seem to have answered this question fully, but when i first read it, i thought it was similar to the Audi TT. These are relatively small inside, and the air pressure could cause the doors to bounce back when closing. The cure is to drop the window a little as the door is unlocked, then raise it again after closing.