Jaguar XK8

The XK8 is a grand tourer and the first eight-cylinder automobile manufactured by Jaguar Cars from 1996 to the present. The vehicle is available in a two-door coupé or a two-door convertible body styles.

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Fuel Filters
Jaguar XK8

Where is the location of fuel filter on 2001 XK8?

under neath the vehicle ,in front of the rear left hand wheel,under the alumin pan.

It's most easily accessible by removing the left rear wheel. You can get to it from underneath, but it's about 10 times easier to change by just taking off the left rear wheel.

Jaguar XK8
Vehicle Cigarette Lighters

Where is the cigar lighter fuse on an 01 Jaguar XK8 Convertible?

open the pass door and look on the side of the dashboard for the fusebox. It is a yellow 20 amp fuse.

Jaguar XK8

How do you jumpstart a xk8?

The battery is under the trunk floor next to the spare tire, alternatively you can use the bolt on the driver side engine compartment fusebox (pull up rubber cap) as positive and next to it the suspension bolt as negative (pull off plastic cap).

Antifreeze and Engine Coolant
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Jaguar XK8

What is the right antifreeze for a 1997 Jaguar XK8 the red dealer sells or the yellow type called for on the cap?

JLM-20404/1 gallon or JLM-20404/3 litre. Jaguar did not use pink 5 year coolant until 2000 my stype

AnswerThere was an update to the yellow coolant because it wascausing a grey sludge to form inside the cooling system, pluggingup the heater cores and t-stat towers.

you can get a copy of this bulliton from your local requires an acid flush proccedure and replacing the 2 underintake heater hoses and the t-stat.

Electric Windows
Jaguar auto
Jaguar XK8

How do you reset the power windows on a 1999 Jaguar XK8 so they do not go down a half inch everytime you open and close the doors?

Hold the window buttons on the door and fully open the windows, Hold the button for approx 15 secs until you here a bleep. Repeat holding the buttons to close the windows fully and hold for a further 15 secs until the bleep is heard. This should reset the windows

Wrong. There is no beep. Close the doors driver and pass. Engage the windows fully up. Turn ignition to on without starting the engine. Allow 10 secs for computer to reset the windows. Turn ignition off and remove key. Return key and try windows. Same thing happened to me after windows where iced up.

Did not get a chance to register yet - so it's anonymous. Anyway:

Neither of previous answers agrees with the manual for my '00 XK8 (unless '99 differs). The manual states:

Ignition on. Drop window fully down, hold extra 5 sec. Raise window fully up, hold button extra 5 sec. Repeat for other window.

Now, if you are losing your programming (windows, memory seats, etc.), forums agree that this is an early sign of failing battery. Drops voltage when starting engine and thus loses settings.

Good luck, Robert.

"If everything else fails, read the manual."

Some people like me have lost their manual (following a theft)! Manuals are now out of print for my model.

The above (hold-down for 5 seconds) works for my 2000 XKR. In fact you only need to hold the window operation button down for about 2-3 seconds until you hear a slight muffled click, at which point you can release the button. Im sure XKRs and XK8s will be the same.

When your battery dies completely you need to know this. In such a circumstance it is also useful to know that you can get inside the boot (trunk) manually via a keyhole in between the K and R letters on the XKR logo on the back panel of your car. I presume it also works between the K letter and 8 digit on the XK8. Even the Automobile Association car rescue man did not know that and had to inject some power by power-boosting under the bonnet to get access to the boot and thereby the battery. An XKR owning friend later told me how I could have avoided that call-out!

Jaguar experts seem to have answered this question fully, but when i first read it, i thought it was similar to the Audi TT. These are relatively small inside, and the air pressure could cause the doors to bounce back when closing. The cure is to drop the window a little as the door is unlocked, then raise it again after closing.

Car Batteries
Jaguar XK8

What makes the alarm go off on a 1997 XK8 and it won't stop unless you disconnect the battery?

Im not sure where it is in your car but there could be a little sensor under the driver side dash it should have a few lights may or may not be flashing. There should also be a little knob on it that should allow you to adjust the sensitivity on it

Brake Pads and Rotors
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Jaguar XK8

Is changing the brakes on a 1998 Jaguar XK8 convertible just like changing brakes on any other vehicle?


Changing brakes on any car is pretty much the same concept wise. Just be sure you look at the whole situation, make sure you have the tools necessary I'm not sure on a jaguar but you may need a special tool to puch those pistons back (rear). Good luck

I just did a brake job on my 2000 XK8. It was just as easy as a domestic car. Same tools to push the pistons back, BUT MAKE SURE YOU UNSCREW THE DRAIN VALVE 1 TURN before you start pushing the piston back. This will drain the fluid (use a hose and jar to collect the fluid) out and not damage the master cyclinder, (well that's what the jag manual said to do.) Saying that all four wheels took about hour to do and stops great.

Jaguar XK8
Jaguar XJ8

What does valet mode mean?

Pressing valet mode locks the glovebox and trunk so that only your own 'proper' key can open them. The valet key cannot open those; it can only operate the engine and the doorlocks.

Actually, you have to manually lock the glove box, but other than that the answer is correct. Just make sure you give the valet the green key, not the black key.

Jaguar auto
Check Engine Light
Jaguar XK8
Jaguar XJ8

What does it mean when engine light amber color Restricted Performance comes on for a 2000 JX8?

When the check engine light is activated the resricted performace message which is like a "limp home mode" to work with the fault the vehicle will restrict timing, trans operation and throttle body response

Car Batteries
Jaguar XK8

How do you open the trunk on a 1998 jaguar XK8 if the battery is dead and there is no keyhole?

This information can be found in your owner's manual. If you don't have one, you can order one from a dealer. You may also find one at a salvage yard.


There is a keyhole between the "X" and the "K" of the "XK8" logo on the back of the car. Enjoy!

On the 1997 XJ6 and I am assuming the 1996 & 1995 XJ6 to the right of push button to open the truck is the XJ6 logo and the hole just left of the logo is the keyhole.

If the battery is totally dead, the key will NOT work. Open the hood, on the drivers side is a positive pole (covered be a black plastic cap) next to the fuse box. Use this pole with a jumper cable. Red to this pole, black to a ground...Walla!

Car Batteries
Jaguar XK8

How long can a VW Jetta tdi sit before normal battery drain will not allow car to start?


Jaguar XK8
Jaguar XJ8

How do you disable alarm on jaguar xk8 with no remote?

put key in door like your unlocking it

Jaguar XK8

Where is the abs module located in jaguar xk8?

It's on the left side of the engine compartment behind the left headlight and in front of the black fuse box. It's hard to miss. It had a bunch of brake lines going into it.

Jaguar XK8

Where is the fuel cutoff reset switch on a 1999 xk8 conv?

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Jaguar XK8
Acids and Bases

How do you clean up gasoline spilled on garage floor?

kitty litter

then wash it down with dishwashing detergent

Jaguar XK8

What does valet mode mean for a jaguar xk8 1997 model?

Valet mode disables the electric trunk release and the "home link functions" for security reasons when valet parking. The "valet key" will not open the trunk

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Jaguar XK8
Jaguar XJ8
How To

How to get jaguar xk8 out of valet mode?

Use the black key that you have to open the truck, it overrides the Valet Mode. The key goes in a hole that is between the X and the K on the enblem on the rear of the car.

Jaguar XK8

How do you remove the windshield molding on a 1998 Jaguar XK8?

Carefully! I had mine done by monkeys that bent it and it cost over $500 to buy new ones. There are clips that hold it down. It can be removed w/ the glass and carefully separated after or you can carefully slide something thin under the molding and feel for each clip (can't remember how many) and then carefully pry upwards at each point to release the molding. Be sure to place something against the glass when prying and again, be careful.

Fuel Pumps
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On a 1999 Elentra. Need the location of the fuel pump relay?

HAYNES'S AUTO REPAIR GUIDE does give an indication for the fuel pump relay on pg. 12-19 (it's in the wiring diagram on that page) UNBFORTUNATELY, IT'S FOR THE 2000 MODEL ELANTRA. On 1999 and earlier models a fuel pump relay is incorporated into an overall Engine Control Module (ECM). There are fuses listed in many parts catalog for 2 ECM fuses for the 1996-99 Elantra -- one each is found in the passenger and engine fuse boxes, respectively. Unfortunately, neither is marked per se on the fuse box covers, so I guess you just look for the odd burnt out fuse in each box. Here's a hyperlink to cut and paste for all the fuses listed in catalog at Rock Parts Auto:,HYUNDAI,1997,ELANTRA,1171033,1.8L+1795cc+L4+MFI+%28M%29 Hope this helps.

Jaguar XK8

Unlock a radio on a Jaguar xk8?


or here

Jaguar XK8

How do you fix a 1998 jaguar xk8 gear box fault?

If it's just the light that comes on, a Jaguar dealership should be able to reset the onboard computer and remove the error state which triggered the light.

A gear box fault can sometime occur due to a glitch in the computer software for the gearbox. If so, resetting as outlined above should sort you out.

If on the otherhand there is a 'physical' problem with the gearbox the error state may return. Your best bet is to have the box looked at.

It's well known that catastrophic gearbox failure occurs around 96k miles requiring a new (or reconditioned) box.

Hope this helps, and good luck

Jaguar XK8

Where is the fuel reset switch on a 1999 jag xk8 conv?

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Transmissions and Drivetrains
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How do you fix a Jaguar XK8 with an intermittent transmission selector problem?

There typically are 2 micro switches witch need to be replaced. in the selector. if you have problems shifting into gear replace the brake light switch.

Jaguar XJ8
Jaguar XK8

Where is the transmission fluid dipstick located on a 2004 xj8 jaguar?

There is NO dipstick for the transmission. I've been trying to find out how to check the fluid level due to a small leak. So far, I've heard the oil has to be at a certain temp, but no one will say what that is; It has to go in one of two Allen headed plugs, probably the higher one on the tail end of tranny since oil poured out of the lower one on the side. Then I've heard you have to have a computer hooked up to determine the correct fluid level while everything is at the correct temp. When I tried to put some of the $62 a liter fluid in the plug on the tail end, it ran out as fast as I put it in, indicating that there may be a check valve which would make me you might have to put fluid in under pressure and that the fluid level may actually be above the plug! I'm still trying to find out answers to my questions, but the answer to your question is there is NO dipstick!

Jaguar XK8

What dose valet mode mean?

When your car is in valet mode the trunk cannot be opened with the trunk release button. Your car came with 3 keys, two black ones and a green one. The green one will start the car, and unlock the doors, but it won't open the trunk. That way you can put your Rolex and gold bars in the trunk without having to worry about the valet at the restaurant stealing them.


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