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Have you replaced your rear pads or calipers? May have air in the lines. The reason the E- brake works is because it is engaged by a cable and has nothing to do with the hydraulics of your brake system.

2008-06-12 19:15:26
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How can you turn the ets on and off?

In some cases you can disconnect the plug on the ebrake switch. I was able to access it by pulling back on the ebrake side cover.

How do you unlock the ebrake on a Cadillac deville 1993?

Put it in gear

How do you replace the ebrake cable on your 1993 beretta?

what knds of car do yoy have .

How do Rear brakes adjust on 97 Nissan pickup 2wd?

with your ebrake cable.

What is wrong when the emergency brake light comes on when braking sometimes on a Mercury Villager and it is getting worse?

Check brake fluid level--I believe both service and "e" brake use the same light. Low brake fluid could indicate leak (Need service NOW) or brake pads need replacing due to excessive wear Try engaging the brake all the way then releasing it. It might just be sticking. The ebrake sensor could be malfunctioning. It is usually located along the ebrake pedal somewhere. Hope this helps.

How do you bypass grounding an indash DVD receiver to the e brake in a 1997 Chevy Tahoe?

the wire needs ground to function. Connecting it to the ebrake allows it to ground so just connect the video wire to any ground and it will function as if it was connected to the ebrake

How do you disable the daytime running lights on a 1990 dynasty?

press your ebrake one or two clicks and leave it on

How do you burnout in a grand am gt 2003?

put in reverse and go about 5 then slam it into drive and gas it to the floor or u can use the ebrake and go half way so you dont burn out the transmission and make sure that your ebrake is fully tightened other wise it wont work

What would be your best bet for a broken ebrake handle spring and button assembly?

AnswerWhy not get the whole assembly at a salvage yard?

How do you tighten an e-brake on a 1994 prizm?

usually this is done at the ebrake itself. there are two wires going to it.

Where is the fuse box on a 94 dodge shadow?

Right next to the ebrake there is a pop off plastic door. There are your fuses.

How do you turn inside brake warning light off or reset it on a Lexus ES300?

you are either low on brake fluid, the Ebrake switch is on or you have air in your brake lines. try lifting the ebrake and see if the light gets brighter. If it does, try unpluging the wire that goes to the brake master cylinder. If this don't work then i recomend taking it to a shop to have it looked at! Good Luck... Michael on my 97 es300 the brake light was staying on because ebrake inside of back rotor was worn all the way down and system was sensing this.

Where is computer module on a 1999 Crown Victoria?

Left side, under dash, by the ebrake/hood latch lever assembly..

Why does the ebrake light come on when accelerating the car?

Check the brake fluid reservoir, it is probably low. Time for a brake inspection.

Where is the ecm in a 96 Nissan Sentra?

under the center console. there are two screws under the ebrake you must remove to get the center console off.

Can you disable the lights from coming on automatically on a 2000 Chevy Astro?

Find and remove the daytime driving lite relay and or fuse, or loosen ebrake adjust a little and drive with ebrake on one click or jumper across the switch at ebrake that makes lights think its on but ya didnt here that from me LOL, Have you tried to push the small button located just to the left and below the headlight switch? Press that button four times in a row. You will hear a chime and your auto headlights will be disabled. (This may only temporarily disable them. I think after you shutoff and then restart, the auto headlights are enabled again.)

How do you bypass ebrake for innovatek in-731gps single din DVD player?

Connect the brake wire which is the color pink to the negative wire and there you go

How disable drl 1996 grand am?

If you lift your ebrake handle one notch, it will not engage the brake, but it will turn off your drl's. Or you could always pull the fuse.. :)

How do you find the turn signal flasher on a 1996 Cutlass Supreme?

It's under your dash kinda by your ebrake. You'll see this round silver thingy, and that's your flasher

93 SC2 what would be clicking in console under Ebrake and run battery dead with the keys out?

Rephrase question or send a message to me for a more accurate response -rc-

How much does it cost to replace the ebrake on Mercury Grand Marquis?

It depends on you mechanic, how much they charge per hour. It might cost you between 350 and 400 on average.

Why are my highbeams always on in my 95 camaro if i start it with ebrake on i can control the lights until i put it down then i lose all control and highbeams are stuck on i dont think its the switch?

its the switch but i can use the switch when i start it with the ebrak on! it functions properly until the ebrakes off. then its just highbeams all the time from there. i have to actually shut off the car and start it with the ebrake on to do anything. if it was the switch wouldnt it not work properly ever?

How do you disable the parking brake safety for Infiniti DVD?

do a google search, ive seen it somewhere. i would search ipod/ebrake modify or something along those lines

What causes both rear brakes to hang up?

brake switch out of adjustment, master cylinder comp port plugged, rear brake hose collaspsed or ebrake cables seized

Why does the Mazda protege brake indicator light stay on?

Typically the light will remain on if the fluid is low, or maybe the ebrake just pulled just enough that it is on..... or the switch that is triggered by the handle is faulty