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How do you restart a hard drive for a mac?

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Can a computer boot up with no hard drive?

yes it can. restart it then put your hard drive and boom your good:)

Transfer PC files from external hard drive to a mac?

My dell PC hard drive has crashed. I'm thinking of buying a mac, but want to know if i can transfer files from external hard drive to mac easily

Can you have a mac OS on a hard drive and windows on another?

Yes you can have the Mac OS on one drive and Windows on another drive. Or you can partition a single hard drive and have both on the same drive.

Can you put a mac hard drive in a PC?

yes but for a mac you don't have to format hard drives... so if you were to put a mac hard drive into a PC you would have to reformat it, I'm not completely sure how to do that

How do you erased the hard drive on a e mac g4 computer?

You can rely on Mac system CD or a Mac Eraser to freely yet securely erase a Mac hard drive. See resources link.

How do you turn your mac hard drive into a windows hard drive?

I'm not quite sure what you mean, so I'll give you both answers: "How do you use a hard drive for Mac and Windows on the same machine?" On a mac, insert a Windows install CD or DVD, and the computer will ask you if you want to set up windows to run alongside mac. In the process you will partition the hard drive, so you will kind of have a windows hard drive, and a mac hard drive, but on the same disk. "How do you remove a Mac hard drive and put it in a Windows machine?" I am not a technical expert, so you might want to look up "How to remove and install a hard drive". All I know is it probably won't fit, so you might need to buy a hard drive enclosure and run the drive from a USB port. Hope one of these helps! If not, please revise your question

How do you formate an external hard drive with the mac?

To format a hard drive with Mac OS X use the Disk Utility in the Utilities folder which is in the Applications folder.

Can you download stuff on to a hard drive from a mac?

Yes, as long the hard disk drive is not NTFS formatted.

How do you transfer movies from mac to a hard drive?

Just drag the movie to the hard drive icon and it will copy it.

How do you get a hard drive that works on version 10.6 mac on 10.7 mac?

Most brands of hard drive will work with a Mac. If you want to run both Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7 you will need to partition the drive and install a separate operating system into each partition.

Does a Mac-Book have a hard drive?


What kind of external hard drive works best with a Mac?

Any Firewire hard drive is best for a MAC. You can get either an empty one and install the software yourself or can buy the external hard drive with software pre loaded.

How do you restart a hard drive for a PC?

Turn off the computer and turn it back on.

When you reformat a mac hard drive in a PC does it stay as mac os?

When you reformat a hard drive you change it to whatever formatting you have selected and it will overwrite whatever format was used before.

Can a Mac boot from a usb 2.0 Hard drive?

A recent Mac with an Intel processor can boot from a USB 2.0 Hard drive. Earlier Macs could only boot from a Firewire Hard drive. When you turn on the Mac hold down the Option (alt) key. This will cause the Mac to scan for all available bootable drives. Select the one you want to boot from and it will start up from that drive.

Can you rename your external hard drive on a mac safely?

You can safely name external and internal hard drives whatever you want on a Mac.

How do you restore a Mac?

You can take it into an apple store an they can restore it from another mac or wipe the hard drive

How many hard drives are there in a 2011 Mac mini. Are there two or just one.?

In a 2011 Mac Mini, there is just one hard drive. However, there are instructions availble online which suggest that the 2011 Mac Mini can also support a second hard drive.

How do you install sims 2 skins and objects on mac?

in a mac; hard drive\your user name\documents\eagames\the sims 2\downloads in a mac; hard drive\your user name\documents\eagames\the sims 2\downloads

What advantage is there to having a Mac hard drive?

Having a Mac hard drive allows one to carry their data from their Mac computer and store it in a different medium. It also makes it possible to transfer larger files to other computers.

Can you format a mac hard drive and make it a windows machine only?

Providing the Mac is a recent model with an Intel processor you could make a Mac into a Windows only machine or you could partition the hard drive and have both Mac OS X and Windows as options.

Can you put a hard drive in your xbox while a game is playing?

No. Removing or inserting a hard drive from your 360 whilst a game is in progress will cause your 360 to restart.

Can one upgrade the hard drive of a macbook air currently you have the 128gb?

That 128GB drive is actually an SSD not a Hard Drive and no it isn't possible to replace the internal drive in a mac

How can you access your mac hard drive through your bootcamp partition?


How do you restart your laptops new hard drive?

You need to clarify your question - it will restart when you turn the laptop on, but you may have to reload the operating system to get the computer to work.