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Unfortanetly you can't restore deleted system files. You can only delet files that you created. I expect that you may be experiencing problems with your computer because system files control how the computer works. For the infected system file I would get the newest version of Norton Antivirus because it automatically will delet any viruses and will restore the infected file or folder. Actually I may have or may not have found a solution to your deletion problem. Get Norton System works which keeps a history of your deletions so you can restore anything that you have deleted on your computer. If neither of these work then you should get a new computer. Don't get angry if you had to pay a large amount of money because when you get a new computer the Norton software won't let you down.

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How do you get rid of viruses on your hard drive?

Go to search on the start option and search for system restore. If you have this program click on the results. Restore your computer to a day when you did not have the viruses. Your information will not be deleted, only harmfull programs will. This might not work but it is worth giving it a try.

Are antibiotic infected viruses?


Where do viruses replicate?

Viruses replicate after they have infected a living cell.

Does small world have viruses?

Yes, this MMORPG is infected by viruses.

How can you recover a hacked account?

To recover a hacked account, first remove all viruses from PC. Change password then reset account settings. Lastly, restore deleted emails and contacts.

What was found in the infected bacteria?


What are the viruses that can be deleted?

All viruses can be deleted with the help of a good anti virus software and some time you need to run an anti spyware software too.

If restore your iPod touch can get rid of viruses?


How do you manually delete restore points in windows xp?

There are three known safe ways to delete restore points stored on your computer. These ways are described below:Disk Cleanup - Launch the Disk Cleanup tool and then select the more options tab. On this tab you will find a section for System Restore. If you press the Clean Up button for that section, Windows will delete all restore points except for the most recent one.Turn off System Restore - Just by turning off System Restore all your restore points will be deleted. Unless you want this to happen, be careful that you don't mistakenly delete all your restore points by disabling system restore.System Restore runs out of storage space -If system restore runs out of the storage space that has been allocated towards its use, it will delete the oldest restore point in order to create space for the new restore point.Problems with System RestoreThere are some problems associated with System Restore when it comes to viruses. When restore points are created they are stored in a directory that is accessible only to the System account and not to a user. This keeps the restore points safe from misuse and tampering. Unfortunately this also means that any virus scan software you may have installed can not scan the files located there as well. This causes a problem if a file that is infected with a virus gets backed up into a restore point because now the anti-virus software can not clean it. Now if you ever restore from a restore point, that file that is infected will be introduced back into your system.With this in mind, if you find that you are infected with a virus, hijacker, or spyware and want to make sure you do not get reinfected if you restore a restore point, you should turn System Restore off and then back on again to clear all the restore points. This will guarantee that their are no infected files that could be restored.

Will viruses in recycle bin be permanently deleted when recycle bin is emptied?

Viruses aren't really sent to the Recycle Bin; the files infected with viruses are sent there. So, even if an infected file is permanently deleted, it does not mean your computer is safe. Further, many sophisticated virus writers can make their malicious code resistant to deletion and can even propagate when the user tries to delete them. It's important to use a good anti-virus program -- there are more than several out there, including the free program, AVG -- almost all of which create a quarantine and provide safe, thorough removal.

Can you catch viruses by touching something an infected person has touched?

Some viruses can be spread by fomites. For example, you can get cold virus by touching something an infected person touched.

What are oncolytic viruses?

Oncolytic viruses are viruses used in cancer treatment. They kill these viruses through chemical means in multiple stages by attacking infected cells.

How do websites get infected with a virus?

Websites can get infected, if someone gets the password to handle the files there. Someone may replace content with infected one. But if you have a strong password on your management system, You wont get any viruses. And there will never be viruses if you dont get them there :)

How do you get PC viruses?

PC viruses are usually 'contracted' from the internet - or by inserting an 'infected' disk into the computer's drive.

What causes viruses in a computer?

The computer catches viruses from infected emails, websites or other downloaded material.

What is the role of interferon?

A protein released be cells infected with viruses.

What ratio of computers get viruses?

9 infected:10 computers

What is infected and destroyed by the HIV viruses?

White blood cells

What do infected cell with viruses release?

More viruses. Cells infected with virus DNA are essentially converted into virus factories. Instead of producing the materials the cell needs to reproduce, it produces dormant viruses, until the cell bursts and the new viruses begin infecting other cells.

Can viruses get infected by viruses?

Yep. Some viruses that infect other programs don't really care what the other program is, and will infect it anyway if possible.

What non living thing infects prokaryote?

Prokaryotes can be infected by viruses.

How are most plant viruses spread?

Via infected insects or "vectors"

How are computers healthy?

by not being infected with viruses or anything of tht nature

Why don't anitibiotics work on virus?

Antibiotics do not work on viruses because viruses are not cells which can take in and out or be infected by specific processes.

Do vaccines kill viruses or horrible diseases?

Vaccines don't kill viruses or diseases; they prevent disease before you are infected.