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Q: How do you revive a shortcut folders or files on your flashdrive?
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How do you search for files and folders in windows?

To search files and folders in windows there is also a keyboard shortcut that iswindow+f.

What is folder in computer?

In Computers FOLDER is a container that contains Files, Sub Foldersand Shortcut Links to otherfiles & folders.

What does a icon on a desktop signifi?

It's usually a shortcut to a program or file. Instead of hunting through folders for specific (frequently used) files or programs, you can place a shortcut icon on the desktop.

Can you mp4 files on a flashdrive?


What feature opens if you choose explorer from a shortcut menu in disk management?

The area where the files and folders on that particular drive opens.

What storage device holds folders files?

Storage devices hold folders and folders hold files.

How do you download pictures from computer to memory stick?

By "memory stick", I assume you mean flashdrive. If you want to transport pictures from your computer to your flashdrive, stick your flashdrive into the computer, and open up your pictures. When your flashdrive is in place, another small window should open up with a list of options for you. Among these options should be "open files" or something like that. Click on it, and it will open up any files on the flashdrive (If there is nothing on the flashdrive, there will be words at the top, saying "no files on flashdrive" or "flashdrive is empty" or something like that). Go to your pictures file, and drag any pictures you want from the file to the flashdrive. The End.

A folder can contain files but not other folders?

You can have both files and folders in other folders. Sometimes they are referred to as sub-folders to indicate that they are inside another one.

What My computer phrase mean in a computer mainscreen?

This is called a shortcut. Clicking on this icon will take you to a screen that shows all the files, folders and hard drives of your specific computer.

Are files and folders the same thing?

No The files are programmed applications with extensions whereas the folders is like a wallet u keep the files in it

Which of the following are attributes only of NTFS files and folders and not FAT files and folders?


Which windows program do you use to manage folders and files?

Windows Explorer is the native application to manage folders and files.