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The following is an educated guess.

240 Volts is 240 Volts.

Unless the equipment inherently depends on some aspect of the frequency for operation [50 hertz instead of 60 hertz], it should work if you simply change the plug.


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โˆ™ 2008-08-05 10:41:49
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Q: How do you rewire a European 240V welder to work on US 240V?
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Wiring circuit for 240V welder with 3 prong plug pulling 6-3 wire do you need to replace welder cable with a 4 lead cable-plug or can you avoid the white lead to wire a 3 prong outlet red-black-green?

It depends on the welder. If it doesn't need 120V you can just put a wire nut on the neutral and wire a 240V plug. If it needs 120/240V you need the 4 prong plug. IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOBSAFELY AND COMPETENTLYREFER THIS WORK TO QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS.If you do this work yourself, always turn off the powerat the breaker box/fuse panel BEFORE you attempt to do any work ANDalways use an electrician's test meter having metal-tipped probes(not a simple proximity voltage indicator)to insure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.

How much does a welder makes?

The salary of a welder will vary depending on experience and where they work. The average salary for a welder is $35,793 per year.

How many hours does a welder work?

A welder works 40 hours to over time

How do you rewire a magnetic ballast F96T12 fixture to work with a new electronic ballast?

The end sockets have to be rewired. The schematic for the rewire is on the ballast label.

Will a 220v60hz welder work on 220v50hz current?

IT WILL WORK BUT will not have sufficient power

Can a single phase 110V-240V step-down transformer work in reverse for 180V to 240V stepup?


How much education does a welder need?

work hard

If you put a 240V bulb in a 120V lamp that has no transformer and plug it into a 240V outlet will it work or blow the circuitry?

Not only will it work, but it will last for much longer than if it was connected to 220volts!

On average how many hours does a welder work?

a 40 hours work day

Can you operating 240v 60hz single phase electric kiln on 240v 50hz single phase power supply system?

If the kiln is strictly a resistance heating element, with no motor, then yes, it should work fine. Warning: the opposite, that is running a 240V 50hz (European) appliance from US 240V 60hz mains is very dangerous and should not be attempted. IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOBSAFELY AND COMPETENTLYREFER THIS WORK TO QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS. If you do this work yourself, always turn off the power at the breaker box/fuse panel BEFORE you attempt to do any work AND always use a meter or voltage indicatorto insure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.

Would a 135 amp welder work on a 2.4hp generator?


What is the best state for a welder to work in?

Sober and drug free.

Will 110v drill work from 240v mains?

One word: KABOOM.

How many volts work in Finland?

240v is the standard for household use.

How many hours does a welder work in a day?

6 hour out of 8

What personality characteristics are needed to be a welder?

nice and able to work together

Will your UK washer and dryer work in the us?

The UK uses 240V, so your dryer will probably work, as the US uses 240v in homes for dryers. However, your washer won't as the US uses 120V for washers.

How can you make your console region compatible?

I have tried this before but the only way to do it is to rewire it so not only will it work were you live but also in a different region. If you have no idea how to rewire something, then give it to a place that sells or fixes your console. Just tell them you want it to work in this region.

Can you use 220V bulb with 240V?

Yes, but the lamp will not last as long. HOWEVER, if the lamp is designed for European voltage, where one hot wire carries the voltage, it will NOT work on a lamp that is desinged for two hot wires.

How many hours does a welder work in a week?

That depends on the location, the project and the company a welder works for. It is safe to say that 40 hours a week is a good start.

What happens when you supply only 120V to a 240V motor?

it won't work properly

Will a 240V 60Hz microwave oven work with 240V 50Hz power?

Could you please give us a name of a 240 V 60 Hz microwave? Thank you

How do you get a job as a pipeline welder?

Pipeline Welding requires loads of experience to produce defect free weld. for the recruitment companies which are doing pipeline construction work, there will be a welder selection procedure to follow up. The welder will be selected based on that test.

Can 120v welder work in a 110v outlet?

yes ofcourse they both are the same

What is the 60 Hz on a welder with the listed input as 208 230 volt single phase 60Hz?

60 Hertz is the frequency that the welder should be connected to, to work as it is designed to.