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check out

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Q: How do you rewire the cruise control buttons to control volume in your mustang?
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How can you rewire a wall switch that controls a light to control an outlet also?

If you don't know, don't try it, it could be dangerous. You need an electrician to teach you.

How do you rewire a speaker?

Rewiring is easy

How do you rewire a crown vic?

which model?

Can I use 18 AWG speaker wire to rewire a lamp?

using 18 AWG speaker wire to rewire a lamp

Where can one find out how to rewire a standard lamp?

eHow is a great resource for topics like this, with articles like "How to Re-Wire a Lamp," "How to Rewire a Lamp with a Rotary Switch," "How to Rewire an Old Lamp," and "How to Wire a Floor Lamp."

Can you replace a 110V hospital bed motor with 220V motor?

Yes, if you rewire the bed and rewire the plug on the wall to 220 volts.

How long did it take to rewire the colossus?

a while

How do you rewire brake lights for a 91 Honda CRX It is not a fuse it is not the brake switch and not the bulbs.?

Type your answer here... Why are you wanting to rewire the brake lights?

How do you rewire a magnetic ballast F96T12 fixture to work with a new electronic ballast?

The end sockets have to be rewired. The schematic for the rewire is on the ballast label.

Is there any way to rewire a cam shaft position sensor on a 90 Eclipse Turbo?

Go to Road Race Enginiering they have a page on how to rewire the CAS

How do you fix headlights that keep flashing on and off?

rewire them.

How do you rewire a 110 volt HID Magnetic coil ballast to use 220 volt?

Unless the ballast is a multi tap primary you can not rewire it for 220 volts.

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