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Removing the axle out of a Chevy rear end is pretty simple. Remove the wheel and drum of the side in question. Put a drain pan under the diff cover and remove the bolts and cover. Locate the bolt holding the cross shaft in. Use a torch (a propane one works, just takes longer) and heat the carrier at the bolt(they use locktite and this help to free it up). Remove the bolt and cross shaft using caution. (They still could be hot) Push the axle in question in, and the 'c' clip should fall off. It may be necessary to push it off the axle (When the cross shaft is removed, use caution not to turn the axle, otherwise you will be picking your spider gears up off the floor). Remove the axle, install a new seal, and reassemble. I would recommend changing both axle seal while doing the job, because quite frankly, you will never be any closer. The seals are cheap too. Like 5 bucks a piece. Very cheap insurance if you ask me.

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Q: How do you romove the rear axle from a 1995 Chevy 4wd Silverado 1500 pick up truck?
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