How do you rotate the tires?

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It depends on what kind of vehical and tires you have. If you have directional tires they need to be rotated front to back on the same side of the car. 4x4 recomends to cross rotate like the letter x lr to rf/rr to lf etc. It is also important to keep your tires balanced/recomend getting that done on a high speed spin ballancer. That will keep it both in Static and Dynamic(side to side&up and down)balance. Prices differ between places, at sams club it will cost you aprox. $15. Failure to rotate the tires will result in the tires cupping, causing undesirable ride, leading to premature suspension wear.

Keep the shoes on your car happy

Also keep in mind if you have a high performance car the rear or front tires may be wider than the others in which case no rotation is needed.

I find that diagrams are often one of the best ways to show the various trie rotation patterns. There is some great info in the link below

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Q: How do you rotate the tires?
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Can an officer clock you for speeding if your tires rotate?

Your tires would definitely have to rotate if you are speeding !

How much is it to rotate tires?

In my area it costs $20-$32 to rotate and balance the tires.

How do you rotate tires on Infiniti diverse sign tires?

Rotate tires 2 front 225 and 2 back 245

Can you balance and rotate tires on a Jaguar XK especially the rear tires since they are a different size than the fronts?

Sure, you can balance the tires. Any place that sells tires can balance your tires. You cannot rotate the tires as you have already stated they are not the same size. Balance but do not rotate.

How are tires rotated?

Proper way to rotate tires on C240

How do you use the words tires and rotate in a sentence?

It's a good idea to rotate your tires every so often.

How often should I rotate my tires?

On average you should rotate your tires every 6000 mile or 6 months.

How do you know when to rotate your tires at the rear?

Rotate your tires regularly every 5,000 miles for the best wear. Rotate at the very least every 10,000 miles.

What is the best way to rotate tires when the rear tires are wider than the front ones?

You cannot rotate tires on a vehicle when the rear tires are wider than the front. They must stay where they are,

When do i need to rotate your tires?

You don't need to rotate MY tires but, you need to when your car goes left or right when the wheel is straight.

How often do rotate and balance tires?


How often to rotate tires 2006 Toyota Tacoma?

I recommend you rotate the tires every 5,000 miles and balance and rotate every 10,000 miles. Important: Air the tires to the PSI listed in your owner's manual or on the driver's door post.

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