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One option would be to implement your applications in QNX, and use the incredibly powerful networking capability and their IPC capability.


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A mouse, a monitor, a keyboard.

A monitor is a screen on which you see images created by a computer. A keyboard is a device for instructing a computer or inputting data to a computer by depressing marked keys in a pattern that conveys information. So a monitor is an output device and a keyboard is an input device.

The three main parts of the computer are the monitor, the keyboard, and the system unit. The monitor for output, the keyboard for input and the system unit for processing.

the three computer peripherials are mouse,keyboard and monitor.

A monitor is the "gateway" to your computer. It is the output of your computer. E.g. a mathematical formula has an input, an output and an algorithm. The keyboard & mouse is the input, the computer is the algorithm, and the monitor is the output.

cpu, monitor, mouse and keyboard

the keyboard,the cpu,the mous,the monitor,and the printer

monitor,system unit,mouse,keyboard

The most common item is a computer.

Into the various ports on your computer

The keyboard, monitor, CPU, etc.

Peripheral components of a computer system.

why are mouse and keyboard and scanner an input device and printer and monitor an output device? Because while a mouse, keyboard and scanner send information to the computer with no information being received back from the computer an output device like printer and monitor get information from the computer without giving the computer any input. In other words mouse keyboard and scanner send the computer information printer and monitor get information from the computer.

Monitor, Speakers, Mouse, and Keyboard

You use a computer with a keyboard a mouse a disk drive and the monitor.

Central Processing Unit Monitor Keyboard Printer

These are called computer peripheral devices.

The five parts of the computer are CPU, Monitor, Printer, Mouse and Keyboard.

Until the early 1980's most monitors were terminals. They were boxy video display terminals (VDT's) combined with an attached keyboard.In 1981, IBM introduced the first PC, also known as a "three-piece computer" because the monitor, keyboard and CPU were separate, rather than earlier computer terminals, which combined the monitor and keyboard.

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