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How do you save Mario movie maker 4 movies properly?

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What do you mean "properly"? Just click on Save to save it to your computer. Hit Load to load it later. Make sure you name the file at the top of the screen.

-Mattster (MMM4 Designer)

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What is movie maker on movie star planet?

Movie maker is just basicley where you can make movies.

How do you put movies from windows movie maker to an ipod?

You can use iTunes to put movies from Windows Movie Maker onto your iPod. I believe Movie Maker files are compatible with Movie Maker, but if you find they are not for some reason, convert them to QT or .mp4 format beforehand.

Latest window movies maker?

Essentials Windows Live Movie Maker.

Were to find a sonic movie maker?

There is not a Sonic Movie Maker but there is a Mario Movie Maker which you can get by following this link: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/477182 Dj Green Dj

What is the difference between Windows Movie Maker and Windows DVD Maker?

Windows movie maker allows you to create movies of your own from your camera or other sources of media. Windows DVD maker allows to take the movies you make and publish them onto a DVD.

How do you put a movie from windows live movie maker onto facebook?

Once you upload (properly called rendering) your video from Windows Movie Maker ("WMM"), and on your Facebook ("FB") account, click the Movies/Images option, and upload your video from there. Find the directory in which your video was uploaded and it's all there!

Who developed the software Movie Maker?

Microsoft developed the software Movie Maker which users can download for free from Windows Essentials. Movie Maker allows the amateur photographer/videographer to make movies.

How do you get movies from windows movie maker to windows media?

By Publishing the movie. (Tasks>Publish)

How do you get Flash Pro 8 movies on Windows Movie Maker?

Flash Pro is Mac formatted and will need to be converted for use in Windows Movie Maker.

Can you use clips of movies from a camcorder on Windows Movie Maker or just Pictures?

You can use both video and photographs from a camcorder on Windows Movie Maker.

Can you make pivot movies on windows movie maker?

Click on the Sources and Related Links below for a YouTube tutorial on Pivot to Windows Movie Maker.

How do you make HD movies from any video by yourself?

With HD movie Maker, you can make HD Movie from any videoby yourself.http://www.downloadatoz.com/f/hd-movie-maker/make-hd-movies-from-any-video-by-yourself_g.html

What are the release dates for I Was a Teenage Movie Maker Don Glut's Amateur Movies - 2006?

I Was a Teenage Movie Maker Don Glut's Amateur Movies - 2006 was released on: USA: 3 October 2006

How do you put videos on movie maker?

go to where it says movies and then click make a movie add me chickfacepop

How do you copy movie clips off a DVD and can you do it with windows movie maker?

You can't copy movies from a DVD without DVD decrypting software. It can't be done with Windows Movie Maker.

On the movies how do you use the movie maker?

Is this windows movie maker or windows live movie maker. The two are both from Microsoft and both free, plus they operate differently from one another. http://themystified.com - great site for funny stuff and movie news

How do you make movies on build-a-bearville?

If you have windows movie maker you can make a movie just get a video camera record it and put it on windows movie maker and edit it.If you have a youtube account you can post the movie.

Why movie maker invented?

The name says it all: to make movies / short films.

How do you make a video in Movie Maker?

Visit the URL posted below for tips, tricks, how-to articles on how to make videos/movies in Windows Movie Maker:http://windowsmoviemaker-how-to.blogspot.com/

Ever since I unhooked my computer and moved it to another place Windows Movie Maker doesn't work properly. The screen is blank there is no sound and I can't import movies. What can I do?

It sounds to me like you need to re-install Windows Movie Maker. You can download the version you want (v2.6 for Vista) or Windows Live Movie Maker (for Vista and 7) for free online. Simply Google: Windows Movie Maker and download the version your want. Install the program and test it out. It should work.

Can you delete shows you made but don't like on webkinz?

Yes, you can do that. In the movie maker, if you make a movie and you don't like it, you can delete it in the movie maker. Make sure to always keep your best movies, because Webkinz holds movie contests sometimes, where you can enter one of your movies in the contest, and then get it on Webkinz TV.

Functions of movie maker?

Windows movie maker functions as an editing program that allows you make movies. It is very easy to use and offers quick editing and different viewing options.

How do you make a video of clips from other movies?

Most versions of Windows have a Movie editor which you can import movies and then put them together and create a new movie. In Windows 7 is Windows Live Movie Maker

What multimedia software is the best if I want to edit home movies on my PC?

imovie or windows movie maker should be fine for home movies

How do you put movies in reverse on windows movie maker?

WMM (windows movie maker) is a very basic video editing program with limited features. Unfortunately, you can't make videos/movie play in reverse on WMM.

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