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How do you save a Flash animation from a website on to your computer?


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2012-06-15 10:56:12
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there are many simple ways. but the one i am using is that if you are using chrome, then install this extension

after adding it to chrome go to a flash game site and select a game.

a new symbol will appear in the address bar, press it and a download button will appear.

download anywhere you want

NOTE: i do not own it. i found it on the internet


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you save it on a flash drive then take the drive out and you saved your computer games.

Easy! get a flash-drive, save it, and load it on another computer. P.S get flash-drive from Staples.

save pics to your computer file, then plug in flash drive and save into that file.

If the game is free then you can't. Flash is made by Macromedia to display things. The key word being display. Unless the website provides you a way to download the flash game you can't download it. You must play it on the website.

you right click the pic then you click save as then select where you want to save it on your computer :]

You can download the setup of the Chrome. Save it in the flash drive, and install it another computer.

If the music is offered as an MP3 file, simply right-click on the link to the MP3 file, and choose Save As... If the music is playing back from a Flash animation (for sites like YouTube), there are several audio converter sites to convert the audio and offer it for downloading. Google "YouTube audio download".

first you click on file. Then, you click save as. After that click my computer, look for your flash drive, open the file, and have to do alot with this i had to play with it for a while

You hook up your digital camera to the computer using a USB cable. You save the pictures on your camera to the computer. Then you unplug the digital camera and plug in your flash drive. You then save the pictures to the flash drive.

If these two computers that you are talking about is networked, then you can access the other computer and simply as saving it there. But if not, use a USB/Flash Drive in order to transfer the file. If you do not have a USB/Flash Drive, then attached it to your email, then access your email on the other computer and save it there.

To save things to your flash drive, insert your flash drive into the computer. Go to My Documents, and right click the file. You will be taken to a menu that will include "Send to". Click this, and tell the computer to send the file to the destination that has USB in it, and you've saved something to your flash drive.

It is possible to save your Wayward game onto a flash drive. To do it you must use the Save/Load feature in the game.

You plug it into the USB 2.0 Port on your computer, wait for it to come up and save it like you would on your computer hard disk.

Yes. However, the format you need to save the animation as is a .GIF. Which is usually only good for short, low resolution images, and does not have sound. The Adobe product best for animation is Adobe Flash professional.

No, you cannot save a game to your computer off of this website. You will have to visit that website each time you want to play the game.

right click and save the photo to your computer then upload it to the flash drive

yes... just open your website in a browser, click 'File', and click 'Save', then save the website to wherever you want.

by telling lies that you have a lot of computer works to save

That really depends on how much content you have on the computer.

If it is a .swf, then in Safari, you go to window, activity, and find the .swf that is playing. You doubleclick it to bring it up, and then go file, save.

1. first put your flash drive in the computer or laptop 2. then go to your power point and click on save as 3.on your flash drive it will have a symbol or a colour to match your flash drive on it and then click on save then it will upload

You simply just right click on the picture then put save as then look on the top click on the arrow look for computer then click on the next arrow again then click on the name of your flash drive then click save.

Um download them to your computer. Put them on a flash drive or hook your ps3 up to your computer and save away

connect it to the computer. save info and documents on them it's like a floppy disk.

how do u save downloado a flash drive

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