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first you click on file. Then, you click save as. After that click my computer, look for your flash drive, open the file, and have to do alot with this i had to play with it for a while

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Q: How can you get your flash drive to download a file from website?
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How do you put a word document on a flash drive?

You save your document to your desktop or to where you can find it, once you do that you drag it to your flash drive file and it will download in to it and there you go its on your flash drive.

Where do you download FLV player?

FLV is a Flash Video file format. Flash is created by the Adobe Corporation. You can download the Flash player on their website.

How do you download files and document to flash drive?

to download documents and files to a flash drive, you have to drag it over and open it with a itunes file and then listen to some dope music.

How do you installed ubuntu?

Go to the Ubuntu website and follow instructions to download and install Ubuntu as an ISO file on a CD, or how to install using a flash-drive.

How do you download pics from MacBook Pro to flash drive?

Find the folder that the picture is in then just drag the file or whole folder over to the flash drive.

How do you change the saved file date on a flash drive?

Just resave the file. The flash drive is represented as an ordinary file system. If you can change the date of a file on a hard drive, then you can change it on a flash drive.

Where should you go to download Halo Combat Evolved on a flash drive?

A torrent site, or just copy it like any file you would onto the Flash Drive.

How can you copy from one flash drive to another flash drive?

Plug the first flash drive into a computer, copy the file into the computer, unplug the first flash drive, then plug the second into the computer, cut and paste the file from the computer to the second flash drive. The file is now on both flash drives.

To download video of sai baba video to pen drive from you tube and then play on computer?

If you are using Firefox, go to add-ons and download a flash video ripper. Then go to youtube, click on the little icon on the lower right side of the browser and download the video. Then find where you downloaded the file and put it in ur flash drive or pen drive or w/e. If you are using Firefox, go to add-ons and download a flash video ripper. Then go to youtube, click on the little icon on the lower right side of the browser and download the video. Then find where you downloaded the file and put it in ur flash drive or pen drive or w/e.

How do you download stuff to a flash drive?

Plug the flash-drive into a spare USB port. Follow the on-screen prompts from the web-site for how to download. When asked to save the file(s) - select 'Save As' - a dialogue box should open. Browse your computer and locate the Flash-drive. Click the flash-drive - the system should save the download to the USB device.

How do you go about sending information from your flashdrive to a website?

The website should have a file submission function. Click on the Submit or Upload file in the browser. A file selection window will then open, and you can select your flash drive.

Hi I downloaded a software from the website in the internet cafe and saved in my flash drive. I tried to install this saved software which is found in the flash drive in my PC but the program can not?

you have to move the file to your computer 1st from your flash drive. then you should be able to install

How do you load a file?

From a flash drive, plug it in to the computer and select the drive it is being put in to open it from there. From the hard drive, click "open" and search for your file. From a disk, do the same procedure as a flash drive except it should show up as a CD drive rather than a file drive like a flash drive.

How do you open a file on a sandisk flash drive that shows the error message 'Unrecognized format'?

Well, you can't. Not like that anyway. You need to find out what the file type is and then download a program to open it. Do a search online for the file type. If it's something like Microsoft Word, you can download a viewer and don't necessarily have to download the program. I'm assuming you mean that the file is unrecognizable. If its the flash drive you need to download drivers for it or you may be using a drive not compatible with an older (Win 98 for example) computer. ~ TTry reinstalling it again

How do you load pictures onto a flash drive from computer?

save pics to your computer file, then plug in flash drive and save into that file.

How do you download selected photos to flash drive on iMac?

Connect the Flash Drive to your iMac. Open iPhoto and select the photos you want to save to the flash drive. Now click File > Export. Click the File tab on the Export window that comes up. Then click Export and choose JPEG and the size and add a name. Click the flash drive located on left side of the screen under devices. Click OK.

How do you download photos from iMac computer to a usb flashdrive?

Insert a Flash Drive in a USB port. Open iPhoto > Click the album you wish to save. Then click File > Export > File Export > and choose the USB Flash Drive on the left.

Is there a file i can download and do you know the name?

i am wondering what file are u talking about. if u mean the flash video file, you can download with leawo youtube download

How do you install Ut3 mods?

Download a USERDATA.JAM file, put it on a USB flash drive, put the flash drive in the PS3, start the game, go to COMMUNITY, then CUSTOM CONTENT, then press square to import mods. Press Start when the USB flash drive is highlighted. Wait for it to unpack, then enjoy.

If you download your music straight to a jumpdrive will it slow down your computer?

It will not slow down your computer, but the process of writing the file to your drive is slower because it is normally slower to write straight to your hard disk than to your flash drive. So it may take longer to download the file.

Is it possible to put something on a flash drive without downloading it to your computer?

Well you could possibly right click the file and save as, then navigate to your usb drive and it should download there

How can a person convert a PowerPoint presentation into a Flash applet?

To convert a PowerPoint presentation into a Flash applet you need to download it onto a Java multimedia file. Take the multimedia file and download it onto a Flash applet.

How do you attach pictures from flash drive to email?

To attach a picture (or any other file) from your flash drive to an email open up the email that you want to attach it to then open the file attachment window. Go to the my computer folder and open up the flash drive. Find the file that you want to attach and then attach it like you normally would. You may prefer to copy the file from the flash drive to the desktop and then attach it to the email from there.

How do you download text files to your computer from a flash drive?

plug the flash drive into a USB port on your computer. then open up my computer, and you should see an icon that says something along the lines of USB Drive. click on that, and the contents of the flash drive should appear on the screen. open up the file you want and save it to your computer. Done!

How do you copy a DVD for a flash drive?

you can burn the DVD as an image file or iso then copy it into your flash drive.