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How do you save a file that says read only?

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although the details varies depending on the application used, the general thing to do is to go to File then choose "Save As", and save the files as a new name. note: you may need to expand the menu (by clicking on the arrows pointing down at the bottom of the File menu to see the Save As choice. once its saved then you can right click the file within Explorer and choose properties and uncheck the read only box then it won't be read only anymore.

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You am unable to change an excel file once it is copied to my cd-rw it says read-only it has a mind of it's own how can I copy an excel file to a cd-rw and it not be a read-only?

Open the file, immediately save it to somewhere on your hard disk. Then make the changes and save them to hard disk. When you're done, copy the file to a CD-RW.

Unable to save excel or word it says read only?

Most likely : Someone else on the network is already using the file. Ask them to close it & then reopen the file. (The error message normally indicates which person is using the file.)

I made a new game on Pokemon platinum and im trying to save but it says their is already a save so it is impossable to save what do you do?

you can save your new game but you will lose your other file because you can only have one file per game

Your computer says your pictures are on your psp but your psp says you don't have any?

One possible answer could be that you didn't save the pictures into a file format that the psp can read, try looking at the file format and then look at the psp compatible files.

What do you do when Pokemon platinum says the save file has been corrupted?

create a new file

How do you save pictures in an email?

you click left onto the part that says "save attachment" then you select the file where you want to save it to, you click again and it will be saved into that file.

How can you play games on Nintendo DS that the save file could not be accessed?

I have read to delete the .sav file from your memory card and try another download. same here! it wont play some games. it says save data could not be found

How do you delete your save file on Pokemon emerald?

on the menu list where it says continue game, down you will find a box that says new game you press it save and press yes and you will delete the other file and have a new file.

What do you do when it says read like this on the wall on spy island?

on spy island on the wall it says file x: read like this sideways. you can get the file x from a spy hiding in the bushes. if you read the file down it says: don't trust Dr. d ,because he is the head of the evil scheme

How do you delete a saved game in Professor Layton and the Curious village?

shut off the power when it says not to after you just replaced with new gameIt is not possible. You may only overwrite that save file. shut off the power when it says not to after you just replaced with new game shut it off when it says not to You can turn it off when it says do not turn off or you will not save filex

How do you save documents?

click the file button in the uppermost part in the screen then then click save as then find a folder where to save your file. after that there is a box in the bottom tha says file name and then type the file name of your document. then after that click the save button in the lower left part of the screen

How do you convert WMM so you can upload videos to YouTube?

The Rock Says:Yes. When you get done, Go to File, Scroll down to "Save Movie File",and from there,save your settings.

What do you do when you try to save your Windows Movie Maker video on save movie file and it says cannot save the movie maker?

Try Publishing or Finishing the movie instead of Saving it.Saving only 'saves the project file'. And that feature is known to be rather persnickety on many versions of Windows Movie Maker.

Can't save to paint it says Paint cannot save this file. Save was interrupted so your file has not been saved?

I received same error message. Turned out my hdd was full. Could this be relevant to your problem?

How can one remove write-protection from a file?

To remove write protection from a file in Windows, first right click on the file to gain access to its properties. Then on the bottom of the box, uncheck the box that says read-only. This will allow the file to be edited by anyone who opens it.

When you burn to cd-rw or cd-r you are unable to transfer it to the hard drive it says that it is Read Only what do you do to be able to transfer it back to the hard drive?

Once you save data to a CD and burn the disk you must open the file(s) that you want and re-save them to your hard drive. Then you can make changes to the files. To save them to a CD again you will have to copy them to a fresh CD and burn that CD to save the files there.

How do you delete a save file in Kirby super star ultra?

Go to options (that little screwdriver on the tackboard) and there's an option that says erase file.

As a help desk technician What is question should be asked if a user call and says their having trouble saving a file to a disk?

What type of file are you trying to save? Where are you trying to save it to exactly? Can you save other types of files to the same location? Can you save your file to a different location? Please describe to me exactly how you go about saving it when the problem occurs.

Why does my SD card contain loads of files that I cannot delete as it says Cannot delete file Cannot read from the source file or disk?

the file that you were deleting might be infected of a virus.

How do you delete a save file on Mario and luigi bowser inside story?

you click the file then it says go delete copy you hit delete. if it don't say i have no clue.

How do you save a file so it says it was last saved hours before it actually was?

You could try temporarily changing the date on your computer, then either re-save the document or copy it into a new document and save that.

When I make a video and use windows movie maker it works fine then I upload it to YouTube and it says failed but it works only when I don't use windows movie maker can you help?

Make sure you save the video as a Movie File. Without doing that, it is still a WMM file instead of a playable file.

When you download a big file or something on windowsand it says would you like to save this file or open this file which one is better to do?

either or, there is no difference other that one saves it, and the other (open) saves it first, then opens it.

What do you do when Pokemon Crystal says the save file has been corrupted?

It means that something was internally wrong with the game cartridge, and the file cannot fully be retrieved, so it is an internal problem.

How can you copy the webpage?

Go to:File>Print OR Control-P (PC)/Command-P (Mac)Rather than actually print the page, click on the button that says PDF and then click 'Save as PDF'.You can then choose where you want to save the file on your computer.