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Q: How do you say 'What is your name' in Cypriot Greek?
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How do you say 'please' in Cypriot Greek?


How do you say 'thank you' in Cypriot Greek?


How do you say thank you in greek cypriot?

el hario

How do you say because in cypriot?

In Greek is "Yiati", it stands as well for "why"

How do you say i love you in cypriot?

I dont believe there is a different between mainland greek and cypriot greek on this one."se agapo" (long form) "sagapo" (short form)even if there is another phrase in the cypriot dialect, they will know what this means. Cypriot Greek speakers can understand and speak mainland greek pretty much fluently.We can understand Greek very well-its our language, the Greeks are the ones who have problems understanding us- but anyway if you want to tell it in Cypriot you'll say 'agapose'

How do you say happy Christmas in greek cypriot?

happy easter everyone

What do you call someone from Cyprus?

Someone from Cyprus is called a CYPRIOT. However, given the fractious relations between ethnic Greeks and ethnic Turks on the island, the Cypriot will usually add what ethnic group he belongs to, e.g. Greek Cypriot, Turkish Cypriot, Armenian Cypriot, British Cypriot, etc.

What is the cypriot language based on?

Cypriot is the adjective for the country of Cyprus. There are the following languages: Cypriot Maronite Arabic Cypriot Greek Cypriot Turkish

What is tulisas nationality?

Greek Cypriot

What is the Population of greek-cypriots in Cyprus?

the greek cypriot population is 760000

What is thankyou in greek cypriot?

Like in Modern Koine!by many linguists cypriot (and cretan) it's not consider a dialect because of the small diference...

What is good afternoon in Cyprus?

If you mean how do you say Good Afternoon in Cypriot, Cypriots speak a greek dialect and it is called "Kalispera" ("kaleespera")

What is the Cypriot Greek word for Hello?

Greek-Cypriots speak greek so hello in greek is "Γεια σου" which is pronounced YIA SOUIn the Cyprian dialect you can say 'sheretume'

What does the Greek word potsa mean?

thats a greek-cypriot word, it means bottle

Are any members from n-dubz Turkish?

Nope they r greek/Irish not Turkish =] they look cypriot but they arent =] ^^ Wrong. Tulisa Contostavlos is half Irish and half greek cypriot but Dino Contostavlos(Dappy) is full greekcypriot, as both of their dads are greekcypriot, dinos mum is greek cypriot but tulisa's mum is Irish

The international community recognizes which government in Cyprus?

greek cypriot

How do you say 'How are you' in Cypriot Greek?

Cypriots Speak their own dialect of Greek, aswell as Standard Greek. Thyere are a few ways to say this. I would use "Ti kaneis" may sound like "Di Ganeis" Don't forget that many people in Cyprus are Turks, speaking Turkish...But I can't tell you how they would say how are you.

How do you say thank you in Cypriot?

Ευχαριστώ πολύ ef-ha-ri-stO po-lEE just like in greek

How do you say beautiful in cypriot?


What is the nationality of Peter Andre's parents?

australian ( but greek cypriot decent)

Is tulisa contostavlos cypriot?

she's born in London but has Greek parents and Grandparents

What do you call the people living in Cyprus?

Cyrpiots (kiprioi -Greek, Kipreoi - Cypriot)

What laguage is spoken in Cyprus?

Greek in the south, Turkish in the North (Occupied area). The local Cypriots also speak the Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot dialects of their languages. So really the language to know would be Standard Greek. But Cypriots generally have good English, it is used to British Tourism and was part of the British empire.

What does kalamara mean in cypriot slang?

''Kalamaras'' is a word used from Greek-Cypriots when referred to mainland Greek people. Derives from Classical Greek and means ''Educated man''.

Can a Greek cypriot marry someone other than Greek?

Yes, Cyprus has always had a mix of peoples and mixed marriages are quite common.