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You may say 'kaze no koe,' written in Japanese: 風の声

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Q: How do you say Cry of the Wind in Japanese?
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How do you say cry in Japanese?

To say cry in Japanese is "Naku". Although naku can mean many things, it is most commonly known for "cry"! Pronounced like this: Nah-koo. Here is the writing: Hope that helped you!

How do you say wind Japanese?


How do you say why are you asking in Japanese?

spirit wind

How do you say 'Blade of Wind' or 'Wind Charmer' in Japanese?

kaze no haKaze no miwaku

How Do You Say Wind Lord in Japanese?

kaze joutei

How do you say Black Wind Roaring in Japanese?

kuro kaze no hoeru(black wind's roar)

How do you say 'lone wind' in Japanese?

lone wind = 孤独な風 (kodokuna kaze)

How do you say cry opon the frozen skies in Japanese?

cry opon the frozen skies in Japanese is ' koori-tuita yoruni naku' 凍りついた夜に泣く

How do you say Wind of Fire in Japanese?

風火の Kaze-hi no

What are the release dates for Cry to the Wind - 1979?

Cry to the Wind - 1979 was released on: USA: January 1979

What does wind mean in Japanese?

Wind isn't a Japanese word, but "kaze" 風 would be how you say "wind" if that's what you're looking for.

How do you say Dark Wind In Japanese?

You may say 'kurai kaze,' written: 暗い風