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Literally, Habeo unam sororem. But Est mihi soror una ("there is to me one sister") is more idiomatic. But with correct Latin word order, unam sorōrem habeō.

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How do you say my sister in Latin?

A person can say "my sister" in Latin by saying "sororem." The Latin word for sister is sorella, while the Latin word for brother is frater.

How do you say beautiful sister in Latin?

Pulcher soror means beautiful sister in latin!

How do you say don't have a sister in Latin?

Non ego sororis ("I don't have a sister" in Latin)

How do you say sister in latin?


How do you say twin sister in Latin?

Twin sister = Soror gemina

How do you say Voices of Sister in Latin?

Voces Sororum

How do you say dear sister in Latin?

Soror cara

How do you say sister of my soul in latin?

soror animi mei

How do you say one in Latin?

One in Latin is "unus"

How do you say eternal soul sister in latin?

Aeternam Animae Sororis

How do you say i love my sister in latin?

Sororem/germanam meam amo

How do you say sister love forever in Latin?

sheir doma ckweldoddle

Does one say she is a sister of or she is a sister to?

The correct answer will be she is a sister of .

How do you say Bye in Latin?

To say bye in Latin you say "Vale" when you are saying bye to one person. To say bye to mare then one person you say "Valete"

What is 'sister' in Latin?


What is the Latin word for 'sister'?


How do you say your the one in Latin?


How do you say have one sister in German?

I have one sister. Ich habe eine Schwester.

How do you say she has one sister in spanish?

Ella tiene una hermana. She has one sister

What is the Latin translation for sister?

sanctimonialis (as in sister/nun)

How do I say your the one in latin?

Solus Es

How do you say The one and only in latin?


How do you say I am no one in Latin?

Sum nemo.

How do you say one little sister in Japanese?

The Japanese word for 'little sister' is "Imōto" (妹) = little sister If you intended to say "one little sister" it would be said "Imōto ga hitori" or "Imōto ga ichi nin."

How do you say one word in Latin?

unas verbitan

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