How do you say I love you but miss you more in french?

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je t'aime mais tu me manques davantage
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How do you say Miss you love in Cantonese?

Cantonese is a Chinese dialect. In China there are several dialectsor variations of the Chinese language that are quite different fromeach one. Cantonese is spoken in the island of Hong Kong, in Macauand Guangzhou. If you want to tell someone who speaks Cantonesethat you are going to miss him or her ( Full Answer )

How do you say I miss you and I love you?

Answer . Just say it! If you have those feelings for someone tell them! I can't imagine anyone not wanting to hear those words. Life is too short and precious to keep things like that to yourself. Tell that person while you have the chance!!!

How do you say Miss in French?

If one means to address a young woman, Miss translates to Mademoiselle.. If one means to "miss someone's companionship," miss translates to manquer (infinitive form of verb).. If one means to "miss an appointment," miss translates to rater (infinitive form of verb).

How do you say we will miss you in french?

Complicated. In French, it's not 'We will miss you' but 'you will be missing to us'.. Vous nous manquerez. Vous - you. Subject pronoun.. nous - to us (indirect object pronoun, therefore coming before the verb.. manquerez - second person plural, future tense, of manquer (to miss). Of course, if ( Full Answer )

How do you say I miss him in French?

Translation: Il me manque. Note: "Manquer" is conjugated the reverse of how it would be in English. "Il me manque" literally translates as "He is missing to me", but actually means "I miss him." If I wrote "Je lui manque", "I am missing to him", it means "He misses me."

How do you say i love you more in french?

je t'aime encore plus . "Je t'aime plus" Important: You must pronounce the S at the end "pluss" because if you shut the S pronouced: "plu" mean "I dont love you anymore". You can say "Je t'aime plus encore" ( to avoid any misunderstanding). . 1) Man: je t' aime mon amour (I love you my love) . G ( Full Answer )

How do you say 'I miss you a lot' in French?

"tu me manques beaucoup". \nI miss you a lot:\nTu me manques beaucoup\n. \nIf you know some French it may seem a little confusing. Literally it means, you are missing (/lacking) to me, the word me is the indirect object. It's just a French idiom.

How do you say I miss you all in french?

You can say: "Vous me manquez" > which basically means "I miss you" ( you as in " you guys ") Or, literally: "Vous me manquez tous " > ("I miss you all" ) though it is correct, it isn't really a "complete" formula and lacks intensity, one would usually add some adverbs after "tous" like: " Ã ( Full Answer )

How do you say i miss her in french?

To say "I miss her" in French, you must literally say "she is lacking me" - elle me manque. This is the reverse to English.

How do you say i miss you and i love you in Japanese?

1. あなたが恋しいです. anata ga koishii desu I miss you (when talking to your loved one). 2. あなたがいなくて寂しい. anataga inakute sabishii I miss you (when talking to your loved one). 3. あなたがæ ( Full Answer )

How do you say i miss my love in Italian?

'Mi manca il mio amore' is an Italian equivalent of 'I miss my love'. The Italian phrase literally translates as 'My love is lacking, missing to me'. Oftentimes in conversational or poetic Italian, the phrase simplifies to 'Mi manca mi amore'.

How do you say i love you and miss you in Hebrew?

Male to female: Ani ohev otakh va-ani mitga'age'a lakh Male to male: Ani ohev otkhah va-ani mitga'age'a lekha Female to male: Ani ohevet otkhah va-ani mitga'aga'at lekha Female to female: Ani ohevet otakh va-ani mitga'aga'at lakh

How do you say I miss my brothers French?

Je m'ennuie de mon frère means I miss my brother. Je m'ennuie de mon frère français means i miss my french brother. Je m'ennuie du francais de mon frere means I miss my brother's french.

How do you say I missed you yesterday in French?

In French you do not miss somebody or something. Somebody misses you. Therefore if you miss somebody you will say 'tu me manques'. Literally you miss me. So I missed you yesterday becomes 'tu m'as manqué hier'.

How do I say I missed you and french?

Tu m'as manqué If you go to Google Translate, it gives you almost every language available and translates to perfection. AKA - a miracle worker

How do you say love loving you in french?

love loving you = vous aime aimer Correction: love loving you. If "love" is the subject we say: l'amour vous aime. If "love" is the verb here, we say: aime vous aimer.