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j'avais besoin de rester calme

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Q: How do you say I needed to stay calm in French?
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How do you say very calm in French?

Very calm is "très calme" in French

What did Jesus say to calm the sea?

The Sea of Galilee

How do you say calm in french?


what did freddy say to micle?

stay calm its 6am

How do you say calm down in french?

du calme!

How do you say i am calm in french?

Je suis calme.

How do you say he is calm in french?

je suis calme

How do you say in french where you stay?

where you stay = où restes tu (in french)

How do you meet with girls?

You stay calm, smile and say sweet nice things

How do you say stay inm french?

You say "rester"

How do you say calm down cowboy in french?

Du calme, du calme.

How can calm a angry passanger at airport?

First you shake them. Then you smack them. Then you say get a hold of your self. Then they will say, thanks I needed that.