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Loyalty and Honor Above All = Ne'emanut vechavod me'al hakol (נאמנות וכבוד מעל הכל)

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Q: How do you say Loyalty and Honor above all in Hebrew?
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How do you translate Loyalty Above All Else Except Honor into French?

Fidélitás suprá omnis means loyalty above all in Latin

Who said loyalty above all else except honor?

It was said in Striking Distance by Bruce Willis and John Mahoney.

What is the origin of Loyalty above all else except honor?

There is not a specific person who originated this quote or phrase. It is something that has been said throughout time and even incorporate as phrasing for military personnel as part of their creed.

What are 'Loyalty' 'Honor' 'Respect' and 'Pride' in Italian?

LealtÃ? is an Italian equivalent of 'loyalty', and is pronounced 'leh-ahl-TAH'. Onore means 'honor', and is pronounced 'oh-NOH-reh'. Rispetto means 'respect', and is pronounced 'ree-SPEHT-toh'. Fierezza is 'pride', and is pronounced 'fyeh-REHTS-tsah'.

What are the two central ideas of the code of bushido?

The two central ideas of the code of Bushido are loyalty and honor. Loyalty is the samurai's unwavering commitment to their lord and master, while honor emphasizes the importance of integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior in all aspects of life.

How do you translate loyalty above all in latin is it fides supra omnes or is it fidelitas ante omnia whats the difference between them both?

'Fides supra omnes' would mean 'Loyalty above all things.' 'Fidelitas ante omnia' would mean 'Loyalty before everything.' If you want to say 'loyalty above all', you would use 'Fidelitas super omnia.'

In dealing with the Cherokee the state government refused to?

Honor previous treaties (Apex)

Which terms mean loyalty and devotion to a nation or culture exalting that nation above all others?

Nationalism is the term that means loyalty and devotion to a nation or culture exalting that nation above all others.

What did Bushido require of a samurai?

From Bushido: The code of conduct followed by Japan's samurai warriors. The principles of bushido emphasized honor, courage, and loyalty to a warrior's master above all else. The ideal samurai warrior was supposed to be immune from the fear of death. Only the fear of dishonor, and loyalty to his daimyo, motivated the true samurai.

How was the code of conduct relate to samurai value and tradition?

It is related because samurai value honor and loyalty most of all.

What does facism stress?

Loyalty to the state above all else. tl;dr: nationalism.

What are some of Ryan woodie wood quotes?

"Loyalty above all laws"-Woodie