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The literal, word-for-word translation would be "Mon nom est Peter et son nom est David." However, it would be more common in French to say "Je m'appelle Peter et il s'appelle David," which literally translates to "I call myself Peter and he calls himself David."

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Q: How do you say My name is Peter and his name is David in French?
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! My name is Peter. = Bonjour! Je m'apelle Peter or in French accent Peter is Pierre.

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For formal french or when writing in french it is : on appelle mon pere peter For casual french or when talking in french casually: mon pere est s'appelle peter

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The French for name is un nom.To say "my name is" in French, you should say Je m'appelle. if you are saying your name for e.g. if my name was jack sharp i would just say that so i would say je m'appelle jack sharp