How do you say a blue polo shirt in french?

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un polo bleu
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Iron polo shirt?

To iron a polo shirt, lay it flat and iron the front. If thesleeves are long, lay them flat on the ironing board on each sideof the torso of the shirt and iron them. Then, flip the shirt overand iron the back.

How do you say shirt in french?

'une chemise' (fem.) is the translation for a man's shirt. A woman's shirt is called 'un chemisier' (masc.)

How much does a polo shirt weigh?

The weight of a polo shirt depends on the size and fabric. Theaverage weight for a men's short-sleeved polo shirt in size largeis about 8 ounces.

What does a polo shirt look like?

A Polo Shirt normally has three buttons down the front going to about mid chest with a colar and have a dressy appearence.

How much is polo shirts?

25-40 depending on brand and store. Can find them on sale for 19.99 at some stores.

How do you say the blue whale in french?

rorqual bleu that's how u say it by the way i know french rorqual bleu that's how u say it by the way i know french rorqual bleu that's how u say it by the way i know french

How do you say T-shirt in French?

French just call it ... le T-shirt. The word is commonly used and has no french synonym. It is written T-shirt or tee-shirt. Either is acceptable. The word t-shirt was not gallicized upon entering the French language, and is a masculine noun.

How do you say tee shirt in French?

A tee-shirt is spelled and pronounced the same in French. The spelling 'T-shirt' is also common. It is considered a masculine noun and has no local translation.

How do you say blue pen in french?

a blue pen is 'un crayon bleu' or 'un stylo bleu' (biro) in French Mais non! un stylo is a pen and un crayon is a pencil and a biro is un bic

Does polo have anything to do with the polo shirts?

Yes. Although the "polo shirt" was originally designed for tennis players, it soon became popular among polo players as well. The name "polo shirt" became even more popular in 1972 when Ralph Lauren came out with a line of polo shirts featuring the now-famous polo player emblem.

How do you say you like blue in french?

1) If you want to say "I like blue," say "J'aime le bleu." 2a) If you are speaking to someone with whom you do not need to be formal (e.g. a friend, peer, child, pet, etc.) and want to say "You like blue," say "Tu aimes le bleu." 2b) If you are speaking to someone with whom you do need to be f ( Full Answer )

How do you say Blue streak in french?

It was used as a code cipher! actually it was Blue 2l ( Azur vingt-un) but to get it to sound right it would be Blue Streak in translation. Mirage III test plane- clocked at l,350 MPH so the name was apt.

How do you tell if a polo shirt is fake?

You Can Always tell if a Polo shirt is fake if there are two people on the horse , also you can tell that too on shoes manly on anything that is polo

How can you tell if polo shirt is fake?

If you want a Ralph Lauren shirt - it says that on the tag. They have one lone horse. If you want a US Polo Assn shirt - it says that on the tag. They have two horses and men playing the game. One costs a lot more - but both are good.

Why did Banlon polo shirts disappear?

Probably because the waistband thing at the bottom of the shirt exposes any weight that one may or may not have in the stomach area. polos have a looser fit and are therefore more forgiving of the ever expanding American waist.

Why does a blue shirt appear blue?

The light reflecting off the fabric of the shirt combined with the blue bye used to decorate it makes the shirt appear blue to the eye.

Why is a blue shirt blue?

your shirt appears blue because that is the color that is being reflected. for example, if a ray of light (the sun) is shining on a shirt then all of the colors of a rainbow are shining on the shirt. all of the colors are being absorbed by the shirt accept blue because blue is being reflected off th ( Full Answer )

Where do they sell polo shirts?

You can go to your local store, TJmaxx. They sell Girls and guys. I hope this answer helped you out (:

How do you tell when a polo shirt is fake?

you can tell if your polo shirt is fake by looking at the sign if it has two riders then its fake. Because it's only suppose to have one rider.

Is us polo assn fake polo shirt?

It's not. Ignorant people always claim it's a knockoff of Ralph Lauren Polo but it really isn't. How could it be fake if it came out over 50 years before Ralph's? U.S. Polo Assn. brand products are authentic and officially sanctioned by the United States Polo Association (USPA), the governing bod ( Full Answer )

What does USPA mean on a polo shirt?

United States Polo Assassination Meaning they are trying to assassinate polo and take all of the real polo customers with there low prices

Is there polo shirts without the collar?

A polo shirt is T-shaped shirt with a collar, typically a two- or three-button placket, and an optional pocket. Without collar, a shirt can not be called polo shirt.

What polo shirt has a fish logo?

I believe the shirts you are referring to are "southern tide" brand with the little fish on them.

Where can you purchase a polo shirt?

Polo shirts can be purchased at any number of stores, ranging from Walmart all the way to pricey department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue. One of the most well known brands of polo shirt is Ralph Lauren, which can be purchased from their website.

What company makes good polo shirts?

A very reputable and French company that makes good quality polo shirts for men and women is Lacoste. It is recognizable by its small tiny green crocodile logo.

What is a shirt in French?

A shirt is 'une chemise' (fem.) for a man's shirt, or 'un chemisier' (masc.) for a woman's shirt. The tee-shirt is called the same.

How do you change a blue polo shirt to green?

you blech it, then die it green, Or you can just buy a new green polo shirt.......It would be better if you bought a new green polo shirt because if you blech it, it will just be a HUGE mess, so i would go buy one.

How muchis a polo t shirt?

A polo t-shirt can vary in price. It can be as little as $5.00 for a basic shirt up to over $100. The name brand shirts such as Calvin Klein will increase the price drastically.

Who sells the best quality polo shirts?

While quality can be subjective many people have agreed that Abercrombie and Fitch have amazing polos. American Eagle is also a popular brand for polos.

Where can Polo Shirts for women be purchased?

Polo shirts for women can be purchased nearly anywhere where women's fashion is sold. Your best bet is to check your local Macy's, Old Navy, Ralph Lauren, and if you know your size you can even order them online!

Where can you buy custom embroidered polo shirts?

One may try embroidery shops, online stores and shops. One may also try Ralph Lauren's official Polo site, which would be the best option. One may take into consideration that he may want to purchase the shirt first then have it embroidered.

How are embroidered polo shirts made?

Embroidered polo shirts are produced in the same way that plain polo shirts are produced. After the shirt is made there are machines that can do customized embroidering or there are embroidered patches or labels that can be sewn on.

Where can one purchase custom polo shirts?

Custom polo shirts can be made at any t-shirt printing company which may be located in a local market or craft hall. Alternatively, they can be ordered online at Vistaprint or Custom Ink.

Where can one buy a Polo shirt for men?

Polo Ralph Lauren shirts are available in their own stores, as well as high end department stores including Nordstrom and Sears. They are also available online at Macy's and Sears' websites.

Where can one purchase men's Polo shirts?

Many high street shops sells this type of clothing, e.g. House of Fraser, Debenhams. They are also available on many websites (where you're likely to get a better price) such as Jacamo and Asos. Many sports shops also sell polo shirts (although they tend to be sports orientated). Ebay may well be wo ( Full Answer )

Is a polo shirt a t-shirt?

In common usage, a t-shirt is the same thing as a polo shirt . I'd guess that there might be some subtle difference but, I don't know what it is.

Where can cheap Polo shirts be purchased?

i know a website selling many brandname clothes not only polo shirts, with quite low price and highquality. cool website. u can have a look.