How do you say admire in french?

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to admire is 'admirer' in French.
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Who do you admire?

I admire my mom. --- You might admire a teacher, or political figure, military hero, orsports champion.

How do you say 'what' in French?

You say "quoi?" which is pronounced "kwa".. If you mean - What? (because you didn't hear) then it is Comment? . If you mean What as in What book? then Quel eg Quel livre?. If what as in What are you doing? then Que eg Que faites-vous?. If what as in What's new? then Quoi eg Quoi de ( Full Answer )

How do you say 'my' in French?

It depends on if the noun is masculine, feminine or plural. Masculine : Mon - eg. Mon lit Feminine : Ma - eg. Ma chaise Plural : Mes - eg. Mes vêtements

How do you say and you in French?

et toi, probably For example: --Salut Marion, ça VA ? (--> "Hey Marion, how's it going?") --Oui, ça VA, et toi ? (--> "Not bad, and you?") hi

Who do you admire and why?

I admire my parents, because they started their company with nothing just the courage and persistence. I remember every stage and how they dealt with the circumstances around. Today they have a really good company, and me and my brothers are thankful for everything they invested in our life. Like my ( Full Answer )

How do you say with you in French?

To one person you're friendly with: avec toi.. To one person you're polite to: avec vous. To more than one person: avec vous. To one person you're friendly with: avec toi.. To one person you're polite to: avec vous. To more than one person: avec vous

How do you say 'me' in french?

Moi Example: et ça c'est moi avec ma famille! Translation: and this is me with my family!

How do you say My in French?

my mon (moh[n]) - masc. sing. ma (mah) - fem. sing. mes (may) - pl. Note: "ma" cannot be followed by a vowel sound. To avoid this, use"mon" instead. For example, you do NOT say "ma oreille" (my ear)but "mon oreille", and the liaison formed with the letter Nseparates the vowel sounds.

How do you say for in French?

for -> pour (sounds somewhat similar to the English word "poor") Be careful, because the usage of prepositions tends to be very specific to each language. English might use "for" where French would use a word other than "pour", and French might use "pour" where English uses something other than " ( Full Answer )

Say what in French?

what (pardon) = quoi. In all other cases 'what' is not used with a certain word. Instead, other question words replace it.. 'Which' ('quel' in French) is probably the most common convertion.. For example:. what colour is this shirt = quelle couleur est cette chemise . what time is it = que ( Full Answer )

How do you say she has in French?

\nShe has : Elle a\n. \nShe has a fever : Elle a une fièvre\nShe has a book : Elle a un livre\nShe has a crush on you : Elle a un faible pour toi.

How do you answer 'Who do you admire and why'?

You have to answer this one yourself - they don't want to know who WikiAnswers admires! Pick someone who has your respect and make a list of all of the qualities that cause you to respect them.

How do you say i admire you in spanish?

"I admire you" in Spanish is "Te admiro." It is pronounced, "Tay ahd-MEER-oh." Sites such as provide audio pronunciations of many common Spanish words.

How do you say its in French?

If you mean 'it is', then it's "c'est". If you mean the possessive then that depends on what you're trying to say.

How do you say 'with' in French?

With is "avec" in French. Example: Me voici avec ma famille Translation: Here is me with my family

Who was the French navy admiral who helped defeat Cornwallis?

The French fleet under Admiral DeGrasse (François-Joseph Paul, marquis de Grasse Tilly, comte de Grasse) kept the British fleet from reinforcing or evacuating Cornwallis's forces at Yorktown. His ships defeated the British Admiral Thomas Graves in the Battle of the Chesapeake.

What french general did Beethoven admire?

Beethoven admired Napolean Bonaparte - so much so that he originally dedicated his Third Symphony to him. When Bonaparte crowned himself Emperor, however, Beethoven changed the dedication because he no longer admired Bonaparte.

What can you admire about him?

Try rephrasing the question. Other than that... He is funny, nice, cute, loves fishing, smartish, and lovable

How do you say your secret admirer in Spanish?

your secret admirer: tu admirador secreto my secret admirer: mi admirador secreto her/his secret admirer: su admirador secreto or el/la admirador/a secreto/a de el/ella a secret admirer: feminine-una admiradora secreta masculine- un admirador secreto the secret admirer: feminine- la admiradora s ( Full Answer )

How do i say you in French?

you can be spelled 'tu' or 'vous' in French. Tu is used between peers, or in familiar settings, AND with a single person. You is used in more formal relationships OR when addressing several persons at once.

How do say how about you in french?

when you are asked a question and you reply you can then say "Et toi?" or "Et vous?"( vous is more formal) as a way of saying "And you?"

How do you say your secret admirer in French?

I believe it is Admirateur secret.I searched it up on the website but it wasn't there, so I'm not VERY sure, but I checked on Yahoo, and it seemed correct.

What you say to admire someone?

just be kind to that person and write them a letter or something to tell them so you dont have to tell them in person but it's up to u.

How can you say that a guy secretly admires or like you?

Well if you like him hint towards him to ask you out if your already going out with someone else just walk up to him and say it's never gonna happen and if you dont like him then walk up to him and say "Its obvious you like me but i dont like you back" its as simple as that.

When a man says they admire a woman?

Well I can say speaking for myself, that I definitely admire and love when a woman is kind to everyone, instead of being rude to some people for another clique's satisfaction. Like back in high school, I always admired how my best female friend was always so nice and friendly to all sorts of differe ( Full Answer )

What you say you in French?

I don't speak french but you could go on google translate and see for yourself. Hope this helped!

How do you say had a in French?

There are many ways but the most common is " a une" Note: The "une" depends on the gender of the sentence. Thus the other option... It could also be un (masculine form).

How do you say had to in french?

It depends; J'ai dû le faire - I had to do it Je devais le faire - I had to do it Il a fallu le faire - Literally: It was necessary to do it Il fallais le faire - Literally: It was necessary to do it These are all acceptable ways of communicating the necessity of doing something. I'm sur ( Full Answer )

What is admiration?

Admiration is a sense of wonder and delight for something, or the state of admiring someone or something.

What is an admirative?

An admirative is an instance of a verb form found in the Albanian language, which expresses surprise on the part of the speaker.