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Q: How do you say black panther in hausa?
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How do you say black panther in German?

schwarzer Panther

How do you say panther in japanese?

Panther: Pansaa, or hyou. Black Panther: Kurohyou

Why didn't the Black Panther come out in The Avengers?

They say there is going to be an Avengers 2 and that the Black Panther is going to be in it

How do you say black panther in spanish?

Pantera negra.Another answerpuma

Why is Black Panther called Black Panther?

becease it is black

Is a black panther a carnivoreherbivoreor omnivore?

Black Panther is like a real life animal and since in marvel. If black Panther is an carnivoreherbivoreor omnI’vore conferring to be the next black Panther in the sequel

How do you say black panther in Latin?

The black panther is not a single animal species. It may be a melanisitc (black) jaguar or a melanistic leopard. a leopard - panthera pardusa jaguar - panthera onca

Is a black panther mammal?

Yes , a black panther is a mammal.

What is the niche of a black panther?

the niche of the black panther is the consumer

What is the temperature of a black panther's habitat?

black panther temrature

Who is smarter black panther or iron man?

black panther

What is the young ones of the black panther?

Black Panther Cubs. They are cute. :)

What gases does it take in black panther?

what gases does it take in black panther

Who does storm ororo munroe marry?

Black panther but they rarely say it in comics

How much does a black panther weigh?

A Black panther is a black specimen of a Jaguar or leopard. There is no such thing as a black panther. Therefore, the weight of a jaguar or leopard is dependent on the species from which it is derived.

Is a black panther a black jaguar?

A black panther can be either a melanistic (black) leopard or a melanistic jaguar.

How does a black panther sound?

There is no species known as a black panther. A black panther may be a melanistic (black) leopard or a melanistic jaguar. Each as a different sound.

What is family of a black panther?

Black panther belongs to the family Felidae(cats)

Does a black panther have a back bone?

they probably do

When was The Black Panther - film - created?

The Black Panther - film - was created in 1977.

When was Black Panther Party created?

Black Panther Party was created in 1966.

Is black panther marvel or dc?

Black Panther is a Marvel Comics character.

What do you call a male panther?

I think the male panther is called the panther or sometimes the black panther.

Say thank-you in Hausa?


How do you say duck in Hausa?