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Mao is Chinese for cat, but a pet name is often 'me me'

貓 or 猫 "Mao." If you cannot see it, there is a slight difference in both characters.

The first character has more strokes to it than the second.

The first character is the traditional way of writing it, and the second is simplified.

In Mandarin Chinese, "māo" (rhymes with "cow") in a flat high tone.

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Q: How do you say cat in Chinese?
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hei mao.

How do you say white cat in Chinese?

bai Mao 白貓

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幸运猫 (Xìngyùn māo)

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花斑貓 or 花斑猫

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Cute cat, do you mean cute kitty? 可爱的小猫 [kě ài de xiǎo māo]

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