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There is no such language as "European". Europe consists of many countries and there are many languages in Europe and there are many different ways of saying "Hi" in those languages.

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How do you say hi in Amsterdam?

Dutch is the modern European language.. so it is Hallo

How do you say hi in europein?

230 languages are spoken in Europe, so which EUROPEAN language do you mean?

How do you get a guy to say hi to you?

Just Say "Hi" and he will say "Hi" back to you. It works everytime!

First european to ascend the hudson river?

Probably someone. HI HI HI!From Rowan 6e

How do you say 'hi' in dutch?

Hi is just hi, but most people from the Netherlands will say "Hallo"!

When was Say Hi created?

Say Hi was created in 2002.

How do you say hi in Cuba?

hola is how to say hi in cuba

How do you say hi in marathi?

Namaskar - this is how we say hi in Marathi

How do you greet someone in Russia?

you say hi dude how are they hanging!! you say hi dude how are they hanging!! you say hi dude how are they hanging!!

How do Inuits say hi?

I thingk how to say hi in inuit is nagoshea

How do you say hi to a guy in the hallway?

Simply smile at him and say hi.

What do you do when your ex boyfriend's mom say hi to you?

say hi and talk to her. what did she do to you?

Why do you say hi and not hello?

you say hi for short in stead of hello

In Romania how do you say hi?

In Romania you say hi likr this '' Buna '' !

Why do you say 'hi'?

You say ''Hi!'' to people because you are nice. If you walk by a freind of yours, and she/he says, ''Hi!'' that means she/he is glad to see you.

How do you say 'Hi' in Canada?

Canada speaks English and French. So you can say 'Hi' or 'Bonjour".

How do you say another day in Japanese?

You may say 'hoka no hi' or 'betsu no hi.'

How do you say hi in all different languages?

How do you say Hi in singhala language

How do you say 'Hi' in Maori?

you say it like Kia Ora

How do you learn how to say Hi?

Just say "Hi!" Pronounced hy. LOL! :)

How do you say say hi to your daughter?

Just go say hi. Simple!!! Its easy and she'll be grateful if you've never said hi to her before!

How do you say 'hi' in Tamil?

its vannakam in Tamil for hi...

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