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Home is oikos - it can also be used for family, as in the ancient language, there was no term for family.

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Q: How do you say home and established in Greek?
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How do you say home in Greek?

Home in greek is σπίτι.

How do you you say home of the Jonies's in Greek?

In English letters that most resemble Greek, it is Tnc Jonies.

What was the greek goddess Persephone's home town?

Myths do not say where Persephone was born (hence: no home town).

When was the Greek flag established?

in 1822

How do you say I need a home to live in in Greek?

Θέλω ένα σπίτι για να ζήσουν in.

Why were greekcolonies established?

Greek colonies were established to expand the reach of the Greek empire and also to feed their citizens. The land in certain parts of Greece was not fertile, so colonies had to be established in order to grow crops. They were established in France, Spain, Italy, and Africa.

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Who were the first Greek kingdoms established by .?

The Mycenaean Greeks.

Who established that everything is made of atoms?

The ancient Greek Democritus established that everything is made indivisible atoms.

A few kilometer distance from our home is a correct grammar?

It is almost correct. You need to say "a few kilometers distance from our home"--kilometers is plural. You also do not need to say "distance", because you have already established the distance by saying kilometers. So it would be sufficient to say "a few kilometers from our home".

How do you say united in ancient greek?

how do you say unite in greek

Who was the first Greek who established tin trade in England?