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'Atashi wa on'nonoko desu.'


Almost, but not quite correct.

Girl/woman is "Onna" (女), so the above would actually be:

"Atashi/watashi wa onna no ko desu" (私は女の子です)

You can also use "Josei" instead of "onna no ko" if you prefer:

"atashi/watashi wa josei desu" (私は女性です).

Note: the difference between 'atashi' and 'watashi' is one of formality. Girls have only one three syllable way of referring to themselves while boys have three, two of which are two syllables ('boku' and "ore"). To make it easier to talk, women can drop the 'w' and simply say "atashi" in non-formal situations.

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Watashi WA onna no ko desu (私 は 女の子 です) ---> I´m a girl

Watashi WA onna no hito desu (私 は 女の人 です) ---> I´m a woman

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Q: How do you say i am a girl in Japanese?
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You may say 'onna no ko.'

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