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How do you say i love you to one person?

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You say "I love you to one person." It won't make much sense but it will make you feel a lot better having said it.

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How do you get the one person you truly love to see that you love him?

ummm.... say it?

If you love some one how should you tell that person?

"I love you" is usually the best way to say it.

How can I say love you to a person?

You can say "I love you" to a person when you feel like you do and when you get the feeling that the other person feels the same about you... But you have to be sure that you do love that person for love is a strong word as hate....

What to say to the person that you love?

i love you?

How do you say we love you in German?

We love you = wir lieben dich (to one person, informal) We love you = wir lieben euch (to more than one person, informal) We love you = wir lieben Sie (formal)

What i do say when someone i love says to me i love you?

if the person is your mom/dad/bro/sis then say i love you too if the person is a good friend say i love you too but if you have fallen in romantic love then say nothing :)

Would you rather be with the one who needs you if the one you love doesn't love you?

yea because you never know the one who needs my love u to n you might not know but you have something for that person in that person might be the one.But i say forget that other person.

How do you say we love you very much in Spanish?

If you are speaking as a group to one person, for instance you and your spouse are telling one person that you love them, it is "Te amamos." If you are speaking as a group to more than one person, it is "Les amamos."

How do you say 'I love' in Spanish?

To say "I love" an item, food, or the action of doing something, you should say Me encanta and then the item/action. (If you are referring to more than one thing, say Me encantanand then the items.) To say "I love you", you would say Te amo. (Amo means "I love" and te means "you"). To say "I love" another person, but not the person you are talking with, you would say Se amo ("I love him/her/them") or Yo amo Alejandra ("I love Alexis").

Why do people say i love you and they expect a reply?

Because no one wants to say I love you to a person who doesn't love them back? S'like with moms- You'd probably get in trouble of ignoring them.

How you say goodnight to the person you love?

You would say, "Good night,I love you".

Some one you love but the person does love you?

Just say hi it is just one little minute of speaking to you ok please can you tell me if you love me if he/she says no then no if yes he loves you!

How can you say I love you?

Just go up 2 the person and say i love u

How do you say I love you to a person using their name?

how do you not do that? just say "i love you *name*" simple

What do people mean when they say you have only got eyes for one people and nobody else?

When people say you have only got eyes for one person and nobody else it means that you are in love with the person and no one else.

If your shy what do you say to the person you love i love you?

Get over yourself and say I love you. If you don't, you'll regret it later.

I love you in Italy?

The way to say "I love you" in Italian is "ti amo." This is an expression of adoration from one person to another.In Italian, I love you is translated to "Ti amo."

How do you say love you both in french?

je vous aime (i love you, more than one person) j'aime les deux (i love both [things])

What is the latin translation for you love?

You (one person) love is amasYou (more than one person) love is amatis

How do you say you love her more in Latin?

Eam magis amas (speaking to one person)Eam magis amatis (speaking to more than one person)

How do you say 'we love you' in Danish?

You say "vi elsker dig" if you are talking to one person. You say "vi elsker jer" if you are talking to more than one person. "We" means "Vi" "Love" means "Elsker" "You" means "dig" or " jer" I am danish myself, so I should know it.

How do you apologize to the person your in love with?

Of course you have to sincerely apologise to the one that you love. Make sure that you know what you have done wrong and make it up to her/him. This way, the person you love will know that you meant what you say and forgives you. All the best to you.

How do you express your love to a person who is deaf dumb and blind?

Say "I love you."

Who should be the first to say i love you?

Both of you should say it when you guys feel like you love that person.

How do you say we love you daughter in Swahili?

Tunampenda binti yako (to one person, or binti yenu to a family)