How do you say in french If all goes well I will become a grandmother in July?

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"Si tout VA bien, je serai grand-mère en juillet".
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How do you say grandmother of Stephen in French?

The word for "you" in French would be "tu". Or you could say, "toi" as in, "Et toi?" which means, "And you?" Answer I believe it is "vous". Both forms can be used. Tu is usually used with people a person is familiar with, such as friends and close family members. Vous, on the other end, is intend ( Full Answer )

How do you say i am well in french?

It depends on the question. If you are asked "Comment ça VA?" Then you can reply "ça VA bien" (i am well) or you can just say Je suis bien. Did you mean: your aunt is called . Type text or a website address or translate a document. . Cancel . Example usage of "":. automatically tr ( Full Answer )

How do you say all done in french?

all done -> c'est fini (sounds like: say fee-nee) c'est fini (it is finished) to literally say "all done" in french, you say "tout a fait"

How to say all that jazz in french?

tout le tralala (too luh trah-lah-LAH) OR tout le bordel (too luh bore-DELL) The second one is approaching vulgarity.

How do you say Are you well in french?

The easy phrase to use is "Ca va?" The C should have a tail (cedille) to show it is pronounced like an S. I cannot write this sign here.

How do you say I'm well in french?

if some one asks you. how are you? or comment ca VA? you can say : sa VA bien, et vous? which means: it goes well, and you? or another "how are you" would just be : ca VA? and you could : oui, et vous? sa v-ah bee-ein, a (as the the letter a, as if you where saying the alphabet) v-ou?

How do you say all day in french?

Tout le jour - Masculine Toute la journ é e - Feminine (More so related to the events than the actual time) Tous les jours - All days

How do you say all right in french?

"D'accord" for agreeing to do something\n"Correct" for sentences to say for example "I'm alright" or "That's alright"

How do you say goes to in french?

Unfortunately there's not just one answer, because it depends on where he/she is going. It could be VA au, VA à la, VA à, VA en, or VA aux. For that matter, if you're talking about going to school, you don't even use the verb VA. If you post the entire sentence you want to translat ( Full Answer )

How do you say i am doing well in french?

Depending on the way someon asks the question there are many ways to say it. If someone asks you "Comment ça VA?" (how are you?) then you can answer this with "ça VA bien"(i am well) or you can just say "Je suis bien"(i am good)

How do you say All your help in french?

If you want to address someone formally, say "toute votre aide". If you want to address either a friend or someone who is younger, use "toute ton aide".

How do you say best of all in french?

le meilleur de tous, la meilleure de toutes (the best person among others) le meilleur de tout (the best thing among things or events)

How do you say July 1 st 1998 in french?

Le premier juillet mille neuf cent quatre-vingt dix-huit. In French, instead of saying 'nineteen ninety-eight', we say 'one thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight'. However, living in Quebec, Canada for about 11 years now, this is how we say it. In France, it could be different.

How do you say 30th July 1999 in french?

le trente (30) juillet dix-neuf cent (nineteen hundred) nonante-neuf (99, but spoken in Belgium) or quatre-vingt-dix-neuf (also 99, but spoken in France)

How do you say do all your homework in french?

to do all your homework is 'faire tous ses devoirs' in French. did you do all your homework? "as-tu fait tous tes devoirs, as-tu fini tes devoirs ? I did all my home work: j'ai fini mes devoirs, j'ai fait tous mes devoirs.

How do you say she went to live with her grandmother in french?

Elle est allee pour habiter avec sa grandmere. (There will be an accent aigu [down in lower left corner, going upwards towards the upper right corner] over the first "e" in "allee" and an accent grave [up in upper left corner, going downwards towards the lower right corner]).

How do you say eat well this summer in French?

Mange bien cet été. Mangez vous bien cet été? Is the question form. Mangez bien cet été. Is the command form. Tu mange bien cet été is fine to say to someone you know well or someone of your own peer group. But I wouldn't use this familiar form with someone older than you o ( Full Answer )

How do you say well we had to get our books in french?

If you are using "get" as "to obtain" it would be "Ben, nous avons dû obtenir nos livres." If you mean get to be "to buy" you would replace obtenir with acheter. "ben" is used in French in a manner similar to how you used "well" here, but it doesn't translate precisely.

How do you say July 1 in french?

to say "today is july first": "aujourd'hui c'est le premier juilet"\ pronounced: (oh-jored-we say-luh prem-ee-ay jwier)

How do you say Not missing you at all in French?

(We are) not missing you at all is "tu ne nous manques pas du tout" (you singular) or "vous ne nous manquez pas du tout" (you plural) - "(I am) not missing you at all" is "tu ne me manques pas du tout" (you singular) or "vous ne me manquez pas du tout" (you plural) "