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Q: How do you say kurisumasu no hi wa sigoto desu in English?
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How do you say Christmas in Japanese?


Is merii kurisumasu Japanese language?

"Merii kurisumasu" is just the (English) greeting, "Merry Christmas," with a Japanese accent. There's no way to say the holiday greeting in "official" Japanese.

How do they say Christmas in japan?

Japanese do not have their own word for Christmas. They use the English word and tweak it to their own pronounciation - "Kurisumasu" Or in Katakana form - クリスマス

How Do you say Merry Christmas in Japan?

meri- kurisumasu =)

How do you say Christmas tree in Japanese?

クリスマスツリー kurisumasu tsurii.

How do you say 'Merry Christmas to all' in Japanese?

For Christmas, Japanese people use the same word as English. The difference is only the pronunciation. Meri Kurisumasu (read as if you are reading in Spanish; meree kureesomasoo? I do not know to to write as pronounciation concerns)

What is the phrase 'do you like to drum' when translated from English to Japanese?

'Doramu (tataku no) ga suki desu ka' is how you may say it.

How do you say nan sai desuka in English?

Nansai desu ka? Means what year is/was it? Nan=what Sai=year Desu=to be(is/was) Ka=questions particle. Its literal translation is "what year is?" the subject that you are talking about is implied by the context of the conversation.

How do you say are you feeling well in Japanese?

"Ogenki desu ka?" is "are you well?" in Japanese.

How do you say 'I like' in Japanese?

suki desu if you want to say "I like [something]", then you say 'watashi/boku WA [something] ga suki desu or if [something] is already the subject then just suki desu, or if what you like or just you are the subject then [something] ga suki desu.

How do you say - I am the dawn in Japanese?

watashi wa dawn desuyou don't say desu you say des but it is writen as desu this means : i am dawn

How do you say how are you doing in Japanese with English wording?

"Dou desu ka?" would literally be "how are you doing?" or "how is it?"It is pronounced: doh dess kah.