How do you say let the good times roll wild child in French?

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enfant sauvageLaisse le bon temps rouler !
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How do you say 'good morning' in French?

"bonjour " sounds like: boh[n]-ZHOOR (the [n] indicates a nasal vowel, and ZH is the sound of 's' in "pleasure") The phrase "bon matin" (the literal translation of good morning) is never used as a greeting.

What is 'Let the good times roll' when translated from English to Cajun French?

" Laissez les bons temps rouler " (Lazay-Lay Bon-Tom Roulay) To be clear, this expression is only used in Cajun French. To other francophone ears, it sounds like an awkward translation from English (which it probably is). Let the good times roll is also a blues record by none lesser than B.B. ( Full Answer )

How do you say good game in french?

Probably "beau match", or "joli match". You could also say "bien joué", which means "well played". pronunciations: beau = boh match = same as English joli = zhoh-lee bien = bieh[n] (nasal vowel) joué = zhway

Let the good times roll in cajun?

One of the standard phrases during the Mardi Gras season in Cajunportions of the south (in particular, Louisiana), "let the goodtimes roll" often appears in its French-Cajun form. That form isthe following: "Laissez les bons temps rouler."

How do you say sleep good in french?

Sleep good in French is 'bien dormir.' Dormez bien/Dors bien Did you sleep well? Est-ce que tu as/vous avez bien dormi?

How to say Looks good in french?

bon regarde. ...more like.......C'est bien.....or if something looks good on someone...... Ça vous (te) VA bien!

How do you say only child in French?

"seul enfant, enfant unique". This is not gender specific, and the words "fils unique / fille unique" (only son / only daughter) are more common in spoken French.

Is wild child a good movie?

Wild Child is an awesome movie. If you don't think so, then I just say....MEOW!

How do you you say lets eat in french?

The translation of "lets eat" would be : Mangeons or Allons manger ( which is : "lets go eat ") or Allons manger quelque chose ( "lets go eat something")

How do you say i am the middle child in french?

"Je suis le moyen enfant." Enfant usually means small child, though. Moi, dans ma famille je suis au milieu - j'ai un frère ainé/une soeur ainée et un frère cadet/une soeur cadette. Je suis entre les deux. (the word 'moyen' means average or not very good).

How do you say 'Let me have a look' in French?

Premettez-moi de voir means "let me see" in french. . Laissez-moi jeter un coup d'oeil/regarder - Vous permettez que je regarde - Voyons voir, alors.... . Another answer... . permettez-moi de jeter un coup d'œil ALTERNATE ANSWER: . Laissez-moi voir. ALTERNATE ANSWER: . French is a l ( Full Answer )

How do you say good book in french?

"bon livre" (masc.) If you mean 'The Good Book' it's 'la Bible', otherwise we would say 'un livre intéressant'.

How do you say Good time in French?

Good time translated into French is 'bon moment'. An example sentence is 'Je suis un bon moment'. This means 'I am having a good time'.

What is let the good times roll in Louisiana?

Let the good times roll in Louisiana is the same as let the good times roll in: AZ, CA, VA, NY, MI, FL, KY,..........get the point! Where you are is where the fun is! It's up to you. Make it happen, then buy the T-shirt.

What is the Pronunciation of let the good times roll in creole?

I was born 'n' raised 33 yrs in New Orleans (Nawlin's as we call it), and the French-creole for "Let the good times roll" is translated: " Laissez le Bon temp rouler "~ pronounced ( 'lay-zay lay Bawn tawn roo-lay'... "roughly"). Another French-creole word we use a lot is " Lagniappe "~ pronounced (' ( Full Answer )

Is the film wild child good?

Yes, I enjoyed i very much! The actors played their parts very well espically Emma Roberts and i enjoyed the plot line! :)

How do you say roll over in french?

to roll over is 'retourner' in French. When speaking of a road accident where a car rolled over, you " se retourner" or "faire un tonneau".

How do you say my genius child in French?

Im pretty bad at french but genius is genial so now you need my and child... :( Hi, I'm also rubbish at french but I looked at google translate and it said that it was mon enfant genie with an accent slanting from bottom left to top right over the first e in genie.

What is a good time for a child to get a phone?

There is no "better" or "worse" time for a child to get his or her first phone, persay. It all depends on the responsibility of the child and whether or not they would be able to handle not losing the phone, giving their number to trustworthy people, etc. The average time for a child to get a phone ( Full Answer )

When is it good to let your child leave home?

They are adults at 18 and can do what they wish but if you mean before that it depends what their plans are. I would not let my kids move out before they are adults just because it's fun to live with a friend. School or work better be in the plans, not party.

How do you say egg roll in french?

The Egg Roll is not something cooked in France. So there is no official translation. But you could say : "Beignet à l'oeuf" ou "crêpe à l'oeuf"

How do you say lets be lovers in french?

Serons-nous des amants ? Que pensez-vous à l'idée de moi et vous pour être des amants ? Comment étant sur le point être les amants, moi et vous ?

What actors and actresses appeared in Let the Good Times Roll - 1973?

The cast of Let the Good Times Roll - 1973 includes: Shirley Alston as herself Danny and the Juniors as Themselves Chuck Berry as himself Ray Cawley as Himself - Musician, Bill Haley and the Comets Chubby Checker as himself The Coasters as Themselves Buddy Dee as Himself - Musician, Bill Haley and t ( Full Answer )