How do you say monthly in french?

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monthly is 'mensuellement' in French.
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Say to you in French?

to you = à vous (or à toi if a close friend or child). to say to you = dire à vous ( or dire à toi)

How do you say monthly in Arabic?

month : shahr شهر monthly : shahriyyan شهريّا / kull shahr كلّ شهر

How do the French say you?

They say tu for one person, but if they are talking to a group of people, like the teacher talking to the class, they say vous , but saying vous is polite.

How do say 'she' in French?

In French, to say 'she' , you say: Elle eg. elle s'appelle comment? In French, to say 'he' , you say: Il

How do you say it ' in French?

French is a romance language meaning that they do not have a direct translation for our word 'it'. Every noun in romance languages are either feminine or masculine, so dependi
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Who do you say she in French?

The pronoun she (singular) is elle. When you are talking about a group of women, you would use elles - the 's' is silent.