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Liberi mei, beatus sum (spoken by a man)

Liberi mei, beata sum (spoken by a woman)

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Benedicat Deus liberos meos = "may God bless my children".

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The Google Translate now supports Latin.

It's not perfect, but it works sometimes.

This is the result through the translator.

"Benedicite filii Dei"

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Q: How do you say my children I am blessed in Latin?
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How do you say I'm blessed in Latin?

I am blessed is Beatus sum

How do you say 'blessed people' in Latin?

Beatus populus Beatus populus

What is Blessed Hope in Latin?

Spes beata is Latin for "blessed hope"

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blessed day

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Appyhay irthdaybay ennyjay ebay essedblay

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Tres liberi.

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beatus, -a , -um is the Latin adjective meaning "blessed"

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truly blessed

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Carpe Diem

What is the Latin phrase for blessed ones?

use the adjective "blessed" = benedictum (sing.) benedictorum (pl.)