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How do you say she is sweet in french?


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2007-08-31 11:13:50
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The French translation of "she is sweet" is "elle est douce."


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In French, to say "Sweet Prince", you can say "doux prince" or, if sweet means candies, "prince de bonbons", but I think you wanted to know the first.

Sweet sixteen is not an expression that translates into French. It is an English idiom.

sweet dreams are 'de beaux rêves' in French.

You are so sweet (English) -> Vous êtes si douce (French)

sa sobrang sweet baka langgamin

The French translation of "sweet events" is événements douces"".

sucre but with an upward sloping accent on the e

You would say, douceur de vivre

You are a sweet woman=Vous etes une femme douce

my sweet holiday = ma douce vacances mes belles vacances

chère petite fille

doux - of course in French you always drop the last letter when you pronounce it.

Sweet corn chicken soup is "une soupe de poulet au maïs doux" in French.

The French sentence for 'morning kisses on your sweet lips' is 'baisers du matin sur vos levres douces.

In French, the best word for 'sweet' (of a person) is 'gentil', which also means 'kind'. The word the crossword puzzle is looking for is a noun, not an adjective: gateau

mes chères femmes douces

un sweat (but it's pronounced 'sweet')

une galette (savoury) - une crêpe (sweet)

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