How do you say we know in french?

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nous savons
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What is know in French?

French distinguishes between two meanings of to know :. 1. to know (factual knowledge) - savoir . 2. to know (persons, places, countries, etc.) - connaître . Both these verbs are irregular.. Here're the basic conjugations: . je sais, tu sais, il sait, nous savons, vous savez, ils saven ( Full Answer )

How do you say 'what' in French?

You say "quoi?" which is pronounced "kwa".. If you mean - What? (because you didn't hear) then it is Comment? . If you mean What as in What book? then Quel eg Quel livre?. If what as in What are you doing? then Que eg Que faites-vous?. If what as in What's new? then Quoi eg Quoi de ( Full Answer )

How do you say 'my' in French?

It depends on if the noun is masculine, feminine or plural. Masculine : Mon - eg. Mon lit Feminine : Ma - eg. Ma chaise Plural : Mes - eg. Mes vêtements

How do you say and you in French?

et toi, probably For example: --Salut Marion, ça VA ? (--> "Hey Marion, how's it going?") --Oui, ça VA, et toi ? (--> "Not bad, and you?") hi

Why do you not know French?

Someone might not know french because they have not studied it in school or any other educational place.

How do you say i dont know French in French?

To say I don't know French in the French language, you would say: Je ne parle pas français But, to make things easier, you could wait to be asked: Parlez vous français? which is French for: 'Do you speak French?' And you could just reply with: Non.

How do you say just so you know in french?

just so you know is de toi a moi. Jesse McCartney sang that in his song now theres a french version(wll its been out 4 awhile)! just so you know is de toi a moi. Jesse McCartney sang that in his song now theres a french version(wll its been out 4 awhile)!

How do you say know them in French?

\nI know them: "je les connais"\n. \nYou (informal) know them: "tu les connais"\n. \nYou (formal) know them: "vous les connaissez"\n. \nHe knows them: "il les connaît"\n. \nShe knows them: "elle les connaît"\n. \nWe know them: "nous les connaissons"\n. \nThey know them: "ils les connaiss ( Full Answer )

How do you say -just so you know- in French?

"Juste pour que vous sachiez" Use the link below to help you translate, but keep in mind that automated translators cannot yet replace a fluent human:

How do you say You know in order to create this masterpiece they used astronomy math and religion in french?

In order to create this masterpiece, they used astronomy, math, and religion. -- Afin de créer ce chef d'œuvre, ils se sont servis de l'astronomie, des mathématiques et de la religion. The translation of "You know..." at the front of the sentence depends on how you mean it. Literally, yo ( Full Answer )

How do you say i want to know in french?

French has two words for "know". If you want to know a person, it's je veux connaître . If you want to know a thing (a fact, or how to do something), it's je veux savoir .

What is 'you know' in French?

"you know" in french is whether "tu sais" if it isn't formal or "vous savez" if it is formal.

How do you say I don't know in Cajun french?

In Parisian French, one would say: "Je ne sais pas" I don't really know about Cajun French, but I believe they would drop the "ne" article in order to get: "Je sais pas" pronounced as [jeuh seh pa] I think

How do i say you in French?

you can be spelled 'tu' or 'vous' in French. Tu is used between peers, or in familiar settings, AND with a single person. You is used in more formal relationships OR when addressing several persons at once.

How do say in french you think im falling in love and dont even know it?

You=Tu think=crois that=que I'm=je suis falling=tomber love=amoureux and=et don't even know it=ne savent même pas? Tu crois que je suis tomber amoureux et ne savent même pas? This sentence is pronounced: Too cwah keuh jeuh swee tohmbay ahmooreuh eh neuh savonh mehm pah

How do i know you in french?

Est-ce que je vous connais? (formal) Est-ce que je te connais? (less formal) You can also say J'te connais-tu? for informal speech.

How do you say 'do you know what I mean' in French?

It depends if you want to use "tu" or "vous" in French. for "tu" for example, one person who is a friend of yours : Vois-tu ce que je veux dire ? or Tu vois ce que je veux dire ? for "vous" several persons or a person you need to be more distant and polite with ; your boss, your teacher, ( Full Answer )

How do you say Wherever you go You know I'll be there in french?

partout où tu va, tu sais que je serai là. That is the Friendly way of saying it. If you are speaking to someone you don't know, or someone important (For example your boss, or the queen) then you would say: partout où vous allez, vous savez que je serai là. Literally it means: Every ( Full Answer )

How do you say how many league do you know in french?

Combien de ligues connaissez-vous (If you're speaking to agroup of people or want to be very polite) Combien de ligues connais-tu? (If you're speaking to one personand don't need to be THAT polite)