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To people who are friends or family: "Worüber redet ihr denn?" is a good translation.

In a formal situation or to strangers or people you need to impress: "Wovon sprechen Sie?" would be a good translation.

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The most polite way to say this is to say, "Wie bitte?"

A blunter way of phrasing it would be "Was hast du gesagt?" (informal/singular) or "Was habt ihr gesagt?" (informal/plural) or "Was haben Sie gesagt?" (formal).

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Hund is the translation in German. It is translated from English to German. German is mostly spoken in the European countries and Germany

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Q: How do you say what are you talking about in German?
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How can I begin a conversation with a German guy I like and I don't speak German?

Just say hello. You might be surprised at how much you can say without talking.

How do you say Mischa in German?

Well if it's the female name you are talking about then it is mEE-shuh.

How do you say i appreciate you help in Swiss German?

Ich schätze Ihre Hilfe (If you're talking about German) Jag uppskattar din hjälp (If you want Swiss)

How do you say talking to a really cute girl in German?

I'm talking to a really cute girl = Ich rede mit einem sehr süßen Madchen.

How do you say our trip in German?

'Unser Ausflug' or, if you're talking about a journey rather than a trip, 'Unsere Reise'.

How do you say oupa in German?

If your talking about "opa" (grandfather/ more like "grampa") the pronounciation would be like "ohpa"

How do you say nice in German?

nice - nett that is acceptable but if you are talking to an authentic German person, you may want to use "Schon" be sure to pat an umlauted "o" though over the word.

Hi in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, there are four languages that are spoken: Romantsch, French, Italian and Swiss German. Most people speak French and Swiss German. To say hi in Swiss German, say: Hoi [Hoe-ë] if talking to someone you already know (casual language) Grüezi [Grui-zi] if talking to someone of whom you recognize athority Salü [Sa (the a is spoken like the a in saturation) - lu (the u is like ui)] if talking to a child or someone you already know

How do you say how tall are you in German?

Wie gross bist du if you are talking to someone you know or Wie gross sind Sie if you don't.

How do you say be quiet and do your work in German?

It depends on what kind of work needs to be done or how many people you are talking to; but for simplicity, we can just say this: "Sei ruhig und verrichte deine Arbeit."

How do you say short in Italian?

-If your talking about a male you say "arrapato"-If your talking about a female you say "baldracca"-If your talking about an object you say "cacarella"

What do say to your teacher when they tell you to stop talking but you weren't talking?

You say that you weren't talking or say that you were distracted by someone