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you catch all the unown and then go to the ruin maniacs cave or you can beat the elite four and go to the resort arena and look through the grass.

go to the elite four then get to the second of the elite four (I've beaten them-and Cynthia shes easy) the elite four bertha (second elite four) should have one but her first one is Quagsire hope that helped if it didnt stuff you!!!!!!!

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Is there a way that you can just see manaphy in Pokemon diamond without having to transfer from ranger?

Only if you have an ar.

Pokemon Diamond glitch for having all Pokemon?

theres none

Where do you see Milotic in Pokemon diamond without having to fight champ Cynthia of the elite 4 or evolving a feebas?

there is no other way

How can you get Pokemon Platinum Pokemon onto Pokemon diamond?

trade from platnium to diamond through either nwc orthrough having 2 ds systems

Is there a way to just see manaphy in Pokemon diamond without having to transfer from ranger?

no sorry buddy you either have to transfer the egg or trade from a Nintendo wii Pokemon game

Can colored Pokemon appear in Pokemon Diamond without having an Action Replay or something for your game?

yes of course,there are two option,seek until you have one or use the pokéradar

Can you catch Rayquaza on Pokemon Diamond without the Action Replay?

yes you just need Pokemon ruby,sapphire, or emerald and if you have him on it you can send him over to diamond by migrating after passing Pokemon diamond and having the national pokedex hope this helps got any other questions just send me a message at

How do you get Arceus without having to go to a special event?

Search(on this website) how to get arceus on Pokemon diamond and then read the one about JUBILIFE TV STATION

When is the event for the membership card on Pokemon Diamond in 2012?

Pokemon Diamond events won't be in this year anymore. Only Pokemon Black and White are having the events now.

On Pokemon Diamond how do you get the electiriser and magmariser?

By having a friend that has Pokemon Platinum version trade two Pokemon that are holding them with you.

How do you get tedursa in Pokemon diamond?

A copy of Pokemon Emerald is required to get Teddiursa in Pokemon Diamond. By having a copy of Pokemon Emerald in the GBA slot of the DS Teddiursa will start to appear in Route 211 and Acuity Lakefront.

How do you get that green guy in the shop in Pokemon diamond?

by having a action replay ds

What level Pokemon do the eliaet four have on diamond?

There are 5 people, 4 having 5 Pokemon and 1 having 6. The levels of the Pokemon they have range from 51-66. most of the Pokemon are level 51-56.

How do you test a rough uncut diamond without having access to a diamond testing machine?

You just don't test it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you get rhyhorn in Pokemon Diamond?

The only place I've seen Ryhorn in Pokemon Diamond and in Pokemon Pearl is in the Safari Zone. By the way, if you want to catch unlimited Pokemon (from the space you're at) at the Safari Zone bring a Pokemon, such as Combee, that knows "Sweet Scent", that way you can attract Pokemon without having to move. This way you'll use fewer of your step allowance. Good luck and I hope this helped, lilmomo1

How do you beat Commander Neptune in Pokemon Pearl and Diamond?

You win at Pokemon battles if your Pokemon are tough, if they are not they will fail. Train more if you're having troubles.

Were can you get a garintina in Pokemon Diamond?

To get a Giratina in Pokemon Diamond, you'll have to catch it in Pokemon Platinum, then trade it to Diamond. However, when you catch it in its Origin Forme and trade it to D/P, it'll revert back to its original form, due to Pokemon DP not having the Giratina Origin Forme sprite programmed into the game.

How do you get Darkrai on Pokemon HeartGold?

Sorry, you can't, but you can in a Pokemon Diamond or Pearl game.You can only obtain a Darkrai by having someone trade it to you.

Does the cheat to get Lugia in Pokemon diamond by having 6 Lucarios in your party actually work?

no not at all

What is the best team for Pokemon Diamond elite 4?

The best team for Pokemon Diamond Elite 4 is having a team with Water, Electric, Fire, Grass, Dialga, and Dark. You should add Pokemon to your team as you level up in the game.

How do you get infinite rare candies in Pokemon diamond without having to use action replay?

You have to go to sprout tower in violet city and run around three times through the whole place

Can you get shaymen without having to go to an event or buy a cheat on Pokemon diamond version?

u cant. you have to cheat or du the event which has ended so if you dont cheat know youre out of luck.

Where do you see a garachomp in Pokemon Diamond without having to fight the champ of the elite 4 or evolve gabite?

Answer you can find a gabite in victory roadu only get gabite on victory road in Pokemon platinum. in diamond u can only get it by evolving a gible and u get that by going to the back of the cave under the cyclying road

You have Pokemon diamond on ds and you are having trouble getting out of wayward cave?

use an escape rope ...i think

How do you make burnry evolve in Pokemon diamond?

Buneary evolves by having happiness on max than you get a Loppuny!