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If your Questions have been answered than wikianswers will send you an email.

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Q: How do you see if your questions have been answered on WikiAnswers?
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What questions have not been answered?

There are many questions which have not yet been answered. Click on "Unanswered questions" when you are in a category to see them all.

Where can you see how many questions you've asked or answered on WikiAnswers?

On your profile, you can see the breakdown in the Stats box.

Where do you find a list of Answered questions on WikiAnswers?

Click on the "Browse questions" link on the top of the page (in the middle). This allows you to see all the different categories on WikiAnswers, and the questions in each of them.

How do you check to see if your questions have been answered on WikiAnswers?

When you ask or answer a question, there is a check-box that asks if you want to add this question to your watchlist - the default is "yes" so if you don't remember telling us to, then it is automatically on your list! WikiAnswers will email you when your questions are answered, updated, or edited.

Do you need to be logged in to answer questions on WikiAnswers?

no just click on answer thing (which was on the left side of the answer box and you can answer questions, on wikianswers if you have an wikianswer address you have it so people can see who answered or cahnged it

How do you view answers to WikiAnswers questions?

If the questions you're looking at have been answered by other contributors, then you should see them on the same page as the question. They'll appear in the middle of the page. If the question hasn't been answered, you will see a graphic stating that no one has answered the question yet -- maybe you can assist someone by answering it if you know the answer.

Can you get answers to riddles on WikiAnswers?

Yes, you can, if they have been answered. See the link below:

Do WikiAnswers tell lies?

some people on wikianswers think it is funny to tell lies. that is why wikianswers look at those answered questions to see if anyone is abusing the site.

What does Answered by The WikiAnswers and Community and is making the world better one answer at a time mean?

If you see this by questions that had been then that just means someone who wasn't registered.

Is there a way to browse answered questions on WikiAnswers?

Yes. There is a page in which you can search categories for unanswered questions. View the link below to see the page.

How do you see whether anyone answers your question By email?

Questions on WikiAnswers are not answered by email. They are answered in the answer box under the question, just as this answer is under this question.

Where do cows live and what do they eat?

These questions have already been answered. Please see the related questions below.

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