How do you select the topic for your question?

Sometimes it's difficult to choose the right topic, or FAQ, but finding the right one is important, so that those who can give a good answer can find it quickly. The mechanism is quite simple. After you confirm the phrasing of the question, you'll be given a chance to select the FAQ/topic of the question. Clicking on the main FAQ will show a list of subtopics, some of which may have subtopics of their own. Click the radio button next to the topic that most applies to the question. Later you'll have the chance to add other FAQs (up to 3) to the question. Sometimes finding the right one takes a while. If all else fails, you can just dump it into the Miscellaneous category and let a Supervisor find the right FAQ(s). As a Supervisor, though, I can say we appreciate askers making their best guess up front. :)