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How do you select the topic for your question?


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Sometimes it's difficult to choose the right topic, or FAQ, but finding the right one is important, so that those who can give a good answer can find it quickly. The mechanism is quite simple. After you confirm the phrasing of the question, you'll be given a chance to select the FAQ/topic of the question. Clicking on the main FAQ will show a list of subtopics, some of which may have subtopics of their own. Click the radio button next to the topic that most applies to the question. Later you'll have the chance to add other FAQs (up to 3) to the question. Sometimes finding the right one takes a while. If all else fails, you can just dump it into the Miscellaneous category and let a Supervisor find the right FAQ(s). As a Supervisor, though, I can say we appreciate askers making their best guess up front. :)


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Select committees are opened for temporary discussions on a certain topic in legislature.

There is no difference between moving a question to another topic and editing its FAQs. Every question appears in at least one FAQ (i.e. topic section). For example, this question is in the "Questions about WikiAnswers Website" category. This appears in the location bar at the top as "Location: > WikiAnswers > Categories > Miscellaneous > Questions about WikiAnswers Website > What is the difference between moving a question to a different topic and editing its FAQs?". If you click the "recategorize" link (if you're not signed in you won't see this) you can move the question to a different topic/FAQ or classify it under more than one such topic. The "recategorize" form has checkboxes to select the appropriate topic(s). It is somewhat confusing that the topic for a question also appears under "Related Categories" in the left-hand column. This is a backwards way of saying the question is located in the "Questions about WikiAnswers Website" FAQ.

In your mind, change the topic sentence into a question. If the information can be used as an answer to that question, then it is good supporting information. Any information which does not directly answer the topic "question" can be eliminated.

If we didn't have the topic, where would your question go?

When you are trying to find the topic of a paragraph, ask what is the paragraph about. Each paragraph often contains a topic sentence that answers that question.

tell me which topic we can choose for the mini projects

I would suggest that you write about something that interests you.

It separates the topic of your question

Anyone is free to ask any question on any topic. If you have a question, ask it.

the most generally sated topic is the weather because its a big topic starter did i answer your question?

First you select the topic your talking about then you select the object which is to be compared in the sentence you can also use adjectives to extend your writing.

Did you mean the topic for discussion or the kind of group. If you meant the topic, then it you will need to choose a common topic for everyone to talk about. example : formal and casual wear, growth of IT sector in India.

If you have a question that is very long try to summarize it down when you type it in the "Ask us Anything" bar. Once the question is posted look on your left sidebar and select "Discuss". You can then elaborate on your question in that discussion box.

Yes many good topic sentences are in fact questions yes

You fully support a topic by giving details that explain, describe, or define it.List facts that prove the topic. Explain what the topic means to you. Describe everything that you can.One trick is to mentally change your topic sentence into a question - if each of your sentences "answers" that question, then they are fully supporting it.

you should go to a recruited art college and select your topic

You make the question your topic sentence as a statement . You make the conclusion the answer to your question.

To choose a topic for PhD is just like to choose life partner and that's why it is very difficult. First think about your area of interest and concentrate in that direction, discuss with your guide or your professor and then finalize the topic.

If your topic is oil spills in the ocean 'How was oil spilled in the Mississippi River?' is not a good question to ask.

A pertinent question is one that relates to the topic being discussed at that moment.

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