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well, you need to be soft and gentle! you need to ease your way to a part where you are comfortable with him! you need to be confident but not to conceited! hang out with him a lot and touch his arm and smile at him. you could try giving him a gift, but that doesn't always work!

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Do most guys send signals to girls they like or is it just girls that believe in signals?

Some guys do send signals. Others do not. It really depends on the guy.

Nerve cells send out signals?

Yes they do send out signals

What kind of signals does the endocrine system send that react with receptors?

They use hormones that act like signals.

Do nerves send signals?

No, nerves do not send signals. They transmit signals produced by receptors or the brain or spinal cord.

Computer send and receivedata in what form of signals?

digital signals

How does the nervous system relate to homeostasis?

Your nerves send signals to the body all around and when it starts the get colder the nerves will send signals for the body to get warmer or when it starts to get hotter the body will send signals for it to get colder in the body.

Where does a motor neuron send its signals?

It sends it signals down its axon.

How does a mars rover send signals?

The mars rovers communicate with earth via radio signals much like your a walkie talkie but much more powerful.

How does a mobile phone communicates with different parts inside?

like your brain, it send certain signals to the designated parts, which in turn responds to the signals and act appropriately.

After receiving a stimulus they send signals to the appropriate area of the body?

After receiving a stimulus, the _____ send(s) signals to the appropriate area of the body.

Who send the first radio signals?

marconi sends first radio signals

What signals do wireless networks use to send data?

Radio frequency signals.

Why do men send mixed signals to women?

this is a silly question. Mixed signals are a two-way street, I would just as quickly ask you; Why do women send mixed signals to men?

What do broadcasting stations use to send their signals around the world?

Broadcasting stations use television satellites to send their signals around the world.

What type of tissue contains cells that send and receive electrochemical signals?

Nervous tissue contains cells that send and receive electrochemical signals.

What is a cell that canreiceve and send out signals?


How many different kill signals can a kill command signal send to a certain process?

As long as any of the signals do not abort the process you can send as many signals as you want (although only one at a time).

Is there electricity in your body?

Yes, the nerves act like the wires in your house to send elctrical signals through your body.

How are nerve cells like telephone wires?

Both nerve cells and telephone wires send signals through them.

What should you do if the girl you like does not like you back?

Well if you can most definitely tell that she doesn't like you, try more than likely not to send signals. If she doesn't like signals sent from someone she doesn't like and she thinks they are offensive (everyone is different) then bad things will happen

What does a printer send out?

Paper. It sends out paper. What else would it send out? WIFI signals?

What signals did telstar send across the ocean?


Where do motor neurons send their signals?

The muscles and the brain

Why was wireless signaling invented?

Because they wanted to send signals to places where wires didn't go - like to ships at sea.

Which part of the body does the deer use to send signals to others in the herd?

A deer uses his tail to send signals to the others in his herd. It is often used as a warning for danger.