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How do you set the clock time on a 1995 Chevy Astro Van?


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disconect the battery and wait nearby until the actual time is the same as what the van clock is. be advised, this will be a life altering experiance.


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Press and hold the set button until the clock appears, then adjust the time using the scan buttons.

How do I set the time on the clock on a 1995 Mercedes C220

hold in the "clock" button until the time comes up then turn use the volume and channel controls to adjust.

Using the minute and hour buttons at the bottom right of the radio. (4.3L Auto) Using the minute and hour buttons at the bottom right of the radio. (4.3L Auto)

With the key in the "on" position, but the radio off, press the "set" button, then press the scan buttons to change the hour and minutes. When the correct time is reached, press the set button again.

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with the radio off use the seek buton to set the time

Read your owner's manual. This information can be found there.

Turn the radio off. Then hit the SET button. Use the station up/down buttons to set hour & minutes. Left one is hours; right one is minutes.

I just bought a 97 Astro and had a hard time finding it too because it doesn't have one. The lower right corner of the gas cap cover has a finger pull.

92-95 Civic is a time machine. You do not need a clock, you need a calendar and the biggest spoiler you can find. XvoltM2

Time + Electricity = Clock or Time + Wheel = Clock

2 small buttons by volume control dial need to be pushed in to change the displayed time on the radio.

Because it has a hydraulic booster that supplies both systems and something is wrong with it.

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i have a 95 Chevy astro van.what would cause the all wheel drive to work sometimes but not all the time?

turn stereo off,push set,push seek for hour and scan for minutes

hold in the minutes or hours button 30 seconds then sset then release to lock in the time

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